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#1 Nov 30 2011 at 5:11 PM Rating: Excellent
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On the official forums Gildrein has created a whole slew of new dev codes for use to tag various threads. A sign of things to come;

[dev1209] Quest reward revisions
[dev1210] New seasonal events
[dev1211] Dark Moogle Battle (name tentative)
[dev1212] New instanced raids
[dev1213] PC Search

¤ Implementation of mechanics and UI for PC (player character) Search
[dev1214] Primal battle reward spec changes
¤ Implementation of system that rewards repeat challengers with rare drops
[dev1215] Caravan security
¤ Release of high-level caravan security duties
[dev1216] Hamlet defense
[dev1217] Grand Company leve reward adjustments
[dev1218] Balancing of guildleves
[dev1219] Balancing of behests
[dev1220] Addition of Grand Company ranks and items
[dev1221] Grand Company promotion exams
[dev1222] Item delivery UI update

¤ Ability to select multiple items via inventory
[dev1223] Addition of delivery items
¤ Expansion of item list for supply and provisioning missions
[dev1224] Supply/provisioning reward review
[dev1225] New rental chocobo location

¤ Addition of rental chocobos to the ferry docks in western Thanalan
[dev1226] Chocobo shortcut
¤ Ability to mount personal chocobo and leave the city via GC stablemaster
[dev1227] Revival of action queuing
¤ Action queuing to be revived and toggled on/off via text command
[dev1228] Revival of bonus attributes
¤ Class-by-class reimplementation of attribute bonuses acquired upon gaining in level
[dev1229] UI changes accompanying introduction of jobs
[dev1230] Implementation of lower level gear
[dev1231] Quest recipe adjustments
[dev1232] Spiritbond accumulation adjustments
[dev1233] Accessory repair changes

¤ NPCs to be able to repair accessories
[dev1234] Shortening of repair motion
[dev1235] EXP bonus based on synthesis quality

¤ Adjustment of EXP bonus based on target synthesis quality
¤ EXP bonus amount to be displayed via the log
[dev1236] Merging of HQ tiers
¤ Abolishment of the three HQ tiers
¤ Adjustment and unification of attributes for HQ1, 2, and 3 items already made
[dev1237] Enhancement of HQ item attributes
¤ Increase of bonuses offered by HQ items based on class reforms and job implementation
[dev1238] Changes to synthesis with all HQ ingredients
¤ Adjustment of base value when using HQ ingredients exclusively so players can aim for HQ from an earlier stage
[dev1239] Display of HQ yield rate during synthesis
[dev1240] HQ yield rate adjustments for drops and gathering

¤ Adjustment of yield rate for HQ materials when gathering
¤ Adjustment of monster drop rate for HQ materials
[dev1241] Abolition of slot cost
[dev1242] Food effect reforms
[dev1243] Medicine effect reforms
[dev1244] Accessory recipe reforms
[dev1245] Food recipe reforms
[dev1246] Medicine recipe reforms
[dev1247] Micro menu reforms

¤ Addition of pop-up notification for party/linkshell invitations
¤ Integration of interaction and micro menus, giving direct access to each function
[dev1248] Action & Traits display reform
[dev1249] New text commands

¤ Addition of /assist targeting command
¤ Addition of /random command to generate a random number (defaut 0-100, up to 1000)
[dev1250] Purchase/sales history
¤ A feature to browse purchase/sales history of items at markets
[dev1251] Buying via Item Search
¤ Enabling direct purchase of items via Item Search
[dev1252] Hearing position adjustments
[dev1253] New emotes

¤ Implementation of three new emotes
[dev1254] Shutdown function
¤ Implementation of one-step game shutdown
¤ Can be executed via /shutdown text command
[dev1255] Target lock camera adjustments
¤ Addition of config option to adjust camera movement range during target lock
¤ Adjustments to prevent camera from circling behind character as in standard third-person view

Marauder Gear Listing
Crafting & Gathering Gear Listing
#2 Nov 30 2011 at 7:01 PM Rating: Good
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[dev1227] Revival of action queuing
¤ Action queuing to be revived and toggled on/off via text command

[dev1241] Abolition of slot cost

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#3 Nov 30 2011 at 8:26 PM Rating: Good
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Magnesium02 wrote:
[dev1230] Implementation of lower level gear

Because with being able to powerlevel to near-cap in a single day, players are going to be needing even more low-level equipment. :P

Lots of other things are neat, though - especially a /shutdown.

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