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#1 Dec 11 2011 at 3:33 PM Rating: Good
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Hey there, folks. So as I understood it, a lot of the story content currently in the game is going to be nixed when 2.0 is released (something about another umbral era or something?)-- at the very least, some of it won't be accessible. Personally, I'm still not willing to play the game just to see it, and doubt that will change before the change. Of course, I still want to see it. I see youtube videos here and there, but is anyone actually recording and archiving a complete collection of the videos online (like lawtechguy's FFXI archive)?
Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

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This was much easier to do on FFXI as you can see cut-scenes a second time, as far as I know you can't do that on FFXIV.

And since you can't switch over to another country yet in FFXIV, the person doing the videos would have to make three different characters and level each of them to see the various storylines so I don't think anyone has taken the time to capture everything.
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You can kind of follow some of the story on YouTube. As to be expected Ul'dah has probably the most to chose from
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any idea which story / quest lines will remain and what will be redone / voiced? apart from the 7th umbral era stuff (even that is part of the grand company quest line though...)

seems like a bit of a waste of time to do any of this before v2 is released if SE is going to improve it themselves.

i've recorded everything myself, but its annoying with the chat boxes, npc chat box, etc on the screen, at least in 11 the screen was pretty clean/ui was minimal.

on a separate note, its not hard to watch all the nation cutscenes in 14, you just need to level up alt characters to around level 15 or so to watch the other nation c/s's. as after that they all converge into one storyline at uldah.

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Altanass wrote:
any idea which story / quest lines will remain and what will be redone / voiced? apart from the 7th umbral era stuff (even that is part of the grand company quest line though...)

I think I remember Yoshida saying the base/nation storylines would still be around, since it doesn't involve the umbral era stuff.
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The main scenario will be intact. All the stuff involving Meteor will probably not be.
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I did the post 30 story quests on my YouTube channel along with many class quests.
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