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#1 Dec 30 2011 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
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good afternoon everyone and happy holidays.

what i want to ask isn't really related to ff14, but as a whole this community is very knowledgable about technical things so i came here to ask you guys and gals your suggestions and opinions on a project i am working on.

What i am working on is an RPG game using RPG maker VX. For those who don't know, this is a program to create 2D RPG games like FF6. At it's base it can create very simple games, however there are many add ons you can get to make things really complex as if your making an FF game yourself.

My problem is, i'm looking for music that i can use to put into my game, because the selection they give you is very limited. It's hard to find good music, and it's also hard to find music that someone would let me put into it. So what i want to know, is if you guys know any good place i can go look to find music suitable for an RPG game. I was thinking of using music from ff5/6 to make my game, while of course crediting square for it and also mentioning that i didn't create it. i would also like to know if you guys know any programs i could use to turn a song into something that i can loop so it sounds alright.

i'm not exactly sure what i should do, because i don't think i'm allowed to use FF songs, but at the same time i can't compose music and i'm certainly not going to try.

i'm really serious about this project and am hoping to have a game that's fun to play, so any suggestions you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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My son has composed several tracks for me that I intend to use when I get around to making my own little RPG. He is only 13 but his stuff sounds really good to a Mothers ear. I will send you a few samples if you are interested.

There are probably others out there with the talent who would like to contribute to your effort.
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If you look up "Penny whistle" on youtube you'll find a lot of simple old celtic music. Seems to be a good fit for towns and such, with the permission of the artist of course :D
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thanks Yelta but it's alright you can keep the samples since it's something your going to be using. i will take your advice though as well as the person above me here. i'll see if anyone is interested in making some music. it would work a lot better that way to if the music was custom fitted to the game. makes the immersion better.

this game won't be done for a while, but when it is time, i'm going to come back with a beta that i hope people will enjoy :)
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Transmigration wrote:
If you look up "Penny whistle" on youtube you'll find a lot of simple old celtic music. Seems to be a good fit for towns and such, with the permission of the artist of course :D

***** that, Flogging Molly for battles and Off Kilter (depending on the cover track)for much more enjoyable town runs ^.^

If you really want to be uncreative just find some 5 second clip and then rick roll people every time they do anything
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