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#1 Jan 04 2012 at 4:54 AM Rating: Decent
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though my present career in 14 hasnt been amazing i do like to pick it up and tinker with it occassionally. what i seem to be missing is a decentish kind of database where i can compare stuff like weapons and armor.

i find the zam database is ok but strongly lacks the "at a glance" ability. in ffxi i used to love the zam database as i could look at rings and it would list every ring and the stats of it on one page ( but the 14 zam database is alot less informative (

thus is there anywhere where i can find a similarly informative database like zams ff11 or ffxiclopedia. something like that would be fantastic. or are there any plans to add this information to zams.

and on a different note is there a LFP button yet?

#2 Jan 04 2012 at 6:15 AM Rating: Excellent
I have been wanting to do something along those lines. The database in in current state is designed/updated (updated for the most part) by the devs. The Web Content Managers and Admins like me help to spot inaccuracies and update the wiki and recipe information, etc. Unfortunately, I have been busy with personal stuff and have not had a lot of time to try and do anything on ZAM in a while. I do get what your saying and as soon as I can find the time I was planning on adding in a more fine tuned "user-friendly" search-style section to the wiki that would make finding/comparing equipment a little bit easier. This however is a big task and I keep hoping that the devs would make some modifications to the database itself to allow for an itemized search based on stats that would display the stats within the table itself in order of bonus given (i.e. search for items with STR+ then list them in order of least to greatest bonus given while actually displaying the STR bonus next to the item name, etc...). Your best bet for posting ideas for ZAM is to use the "Site and Forum Feedback" forum. Here's the link: Clicky.

As far as LFP button. There is no "button" per-say but there is a new search feature that is easy to use that allows you to "Seek Party". (I use it quite a bit.)

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