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#1 Jan 05 2012 at 11:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi, I just started playing the game today and I have a few questions if anyone can answer them, thanks.
I have chose that Marauder will be my main class and I got Marauder to level 6 before sampling a couple other classes for certain abilities that I could use while being a Marauder. For example I levelled Lancer to 4 to get ferocity but..

1) I didn't get ferocity when I got to Lancer level 4, i got Feint. Is there some other way to obtain Ferocity because every guide/wiki I go to says that you get at level 4, yet I don't have it.

2) I don't know if you obtain attribute points when you level up or not, because I haven't gotten any in all my levels so when do you get allocation points?

3) When I look at the wikis/guides, and find my way to the Marauder section, I see abilities like Trunksplitter at level 1, yet I never got such an ability or many other ones that are listed at certain levels that I passed...what's the deal with this?

4)When I go to the Actions/Traits Section of the menu to put both Second Wind and Cure (for example) on my Marauder Action Bar Layout it says that I can only put one other Action (either Second Wind or Cure, not both) on my Action Bar Layout, yet when I see other posts and wikis I see that people have multiple Actions from separate classes. What am I doing wrong here and if it has something to do with Actions Points and if so, how can I obtain them?

5) I played FFXI and so far it seems much more difficult to obtain new gear such as weapons and armour than in FFXI. How can I get armour/weapons for my Marauder at a place like an Auction House if it exists? And if not, what is the best place to get armour/weapons?

6) Out of curiosity, what is the fastest way to level in FFXIV?

I believe that is all, if I remember anything else, I will edit my post. I apologize for the incredibly noobish nature of my questions but I've looked everywhere and could really use help, thank you very much in advance.

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With the recent patch 1.20, they have changed the skills and levels at which each class obtains them. In certain cases, the abilities have been removed entirely. To look at what level you obtain a skill, I'd suggest looking at the winder where you can add skills to your bar and hover your mouse over the greyed or darkened out skills and it'll tell you the level that you obtain the skill at. When you mention looking at wiki/guides, I would have to say that those just haven't been updated since patch 1.20.

Just to answer your questions directly.

1) Lance does indeed get ferocity, you just wont get it until a later level. I'd suggest equipping a lance and then going to the list to the left after clicking the actions and abilities option in the menu and just hover your mouse over the skills. You'll see which skills you'll get next, since they are next in line, and you'll also see the level at which you obtain them.

2) With the release of patch 1.20, they did re-implement alloting skill points. I'm not sure at which levels you gain them, I've always assumed it was at level up, but at lvl 50 you'll have 45 attribute points to allot total. You can only add up to 23 into a single stat before it wont let you add any more. Also, you wont be able to undo the additions until a later date. They will change this next patch I think.

3) See my opening paragraph. Some skills have been changed and/or removed. I would tell you directly when you get ferocity and trunksplitter, but I don't have the game open at the moment.

4) This is another thing that was changed with 1.20. At level 50, you can only add 10 skills obtained from other classes. I believe you can add 1 more skill from another class for every 5 levels you have in your current class. For example, you can add cure once you reach level 5 and then add second wind once you reach level 10. Any skill that doesn't say "requires" then it is available for you to use on a different class. Understand though, that if the class you add it to does not meet the optimal level, then it will not be as usefull as it would be on the normal class.

5) You get new weapons and armor by visiting the market wards. This is the FFXIV version of the AH. Believe it or not, these are MUCH more user friendly than what they once were. I wont go into that though. New armor and weapons are usually only available if someone crafts them. With most people being high levels now, most crafters only make the high level stuff. The best chance you'll have of getting cheap lowbie gear is to join a LS and have someone there craft you some. If you don't do this, chances are you'll never see the weapon you want and when you do, it'll probably be over priced.

6) The FASTEST way to level up is by being power leveled. You'll need someone who is willing to put in time to level you up with out getting anything out of it for themselves. I'd suggest joining a newish LS. This will make the chances higher of you finding others to level/party with. If you cannot find a PL, then go with levs until you can find a group or party to join. The party will level you up much faster than doing solo levs, but parties for lower levels just don't come around very often due to the playerbase being almost completely leveled up by now.

EDIT: Just to make it easier, here are the patch notes for patch 1.20. For a list of the skills/traits you get for each class, just press control + f and search for "list of actions and traits" and scroll down to the class you are interested in. For allotment points, search for "allotment cap". Also, to explain the leveling up and the skills you can add from other classes search for "setting actions and traits" and look at the grid just below that. It'll explain the levels at which you get actions and traits. Here's the link to the patch notes.

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Thank you so much swisa I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions, thank you very much! Is there a way to +rep or something on this forum? ANd according to the link you have me, there's no more Ferocity for Lancers.

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