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Good King Moggle Mog XII Strategy (Rabanastre SeeD)Follow

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Strategy for Good King Moggle Mog XII (Rabanastre SeeD)
Primal Battle "A Feast of Fools" post 1.20a update. Battle strategy for Good King Moggle Mog XII brought to you by Rabanastre SeeD, endgame Linkshell, of Rabanastre Server for Final Fantasy XIV online.

The battle strategy available here has been created independently within the Rabanastre SeeD LS only. We do not read or watch battle strategies made available from other endgame LS's until we've developed one of our own that's reliable and successful.

We are pleased to record and share one of our runs. We hope that everyone will enjoy the new content as we have, and work towards defeating the King and receiving their much anticipated weapons.

Our strategy involves map positioning, binding Whiskerwall, 4 Damage Dealers, 3 Healers,1 Tank and a specific kill order.

DD's composition may be of your choice although it is strongly recommended to have at least 2-3 "bind" capable classes, either Archer or Thaumaturge. Whomever has Whiskerwall emnity moves to the designated "binding" area and calls for a bind and returns to position upon successful binding. The key is controlling this moogle and "kiting" "Maxi Moogle" adds from Shaggysong's skill. It is possible to win with a mixture of the classes. Make no mistake however, this fight relies on teamwork and communication. There is little room for error.

A link is available to our strategy below. We will also strive to create videos from other points of view as well.

Strategy now available in full detail on our page:

To view a video demonstration:

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Both links are broken.
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I just saw that, both are updated. Thank you and I apologize!
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This fight is so much fun!
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