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#1 Jan 15 2012 at 6:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hello all. I had a few recent posts entitled PC controller and PC download and I thank all those who replied and tried to help out and share their experience. I ended up buying a wired XBox 360 LED controller mostly because it was cheap and convenient. I am up and running as of about 11 hrs ago and now have a bout a day's playtime. Thought I'd post a few observations here from the perspective of someone who's never played the game until today.

My initial impression is that the game is pretty fun. Graphics are beautiful. As far as starting out, it's much easier than FFXI was BY FAR. The NPC linkpearl is helpful, as are the "!" icons over the NPC's. Controls are intuitive (probably because I played XI for so long) and I've already developed some muscle memory for things. I like the leves and since I have friends who play we even did a small party which was nice.

In the party, battle roles and format seem a little chaotic but that's probably because I'm so new. I love the fact that all timers are visible. Chain timers, bind timers etc. Nice touch. I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of targeting in a crowd but I'm sure that will get easier in time.

My only major complaint is that I can't full-screen the chat log (general log) and sort it by type (tell, party etc.) like I could in XI (as far as I know anyhow). Sometimes I miss tells or party chat because it scrolls out before I see it. But we plan on doing our static using skype starting next week so I don't suppose it will bother me all that much. It seems as though that would be a nice feature to add though, I used it constantly in XI and find myself whacking that button pattern repeatedly out of habit.

From the perspective of a person who is new, it seems like there is a metric sh*t-ton of things to do. People have chocobos, they have crafting leveled to repair gear, they can teleport all over the map. I am looking forward to wading in and having some adventures!

So, tl;dr: At this point, I am quite satisfied with what I've seen thus far in both story line and content and I am very excited to be a fresh-eyed adventurer in such a big, new and exciting world.

Look me up, I'm Dodi Dirac on Selbina

Happy Adventuring!

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BlueLand wrote:
You can always take a screen shot of the 1017 error and set it to your desktop background, its like playing FFXIV from work
#2 Jan 16 2012 at 6:32 AM Rating: Good
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welcome to the game buddy! Hope you have fun. It's nice to not see the same group of people complaining :)
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I'm glad that you're finding the game enjoyable. I really don't, but variety is absolutely the spice of life!
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