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FFXIV Community Team's role finding the Community.Follow

#1 Jan 28 2012 at 12:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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They are watching you!

Here is the official announcement from Bay himself:

"It has always been the intention that to post on the official forum, an active FINAL FANTASY XIV account would be required. Of course, anyone is able to freely read the forum, regardless of activity status, but posting is restricted to active users. This is actually a fairly common practice among online games, and it is the same for the FFXI forum (as has been said previously in the thread).

However, part of the Community Team's role is to find the community, wherever it may be, and gather all types of feedback. We follow quite a few fan sites, forums, and other social networking venues when we gather feedback and we'll continue to do so."

Maybe in the future FFXIV can simultaneously give the fan sites a player poll thread when the official one rolls out. They can definitely get a much bigger sample size. This may be a good/bad idea?

FXVIPro, FFXIVCore, ZAM, FFXIV YG, BG Forums, MMORPG Sub forums, FFXIV Gamerscape are the larger English sites I know of. Of these I only currently see ZAM and BG to be active on a daily basis. So they can give out the polls to just both sites, or to all of them to be fair (maybe that will pick up traffic for their respective fan site as well).

So is the new motto:

Final Fantasy: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship FFXIV. Its ten-year mission: to explore strange new fan sites, to seek out new life and new communities, to boldly go where no subligar has gone before.

Because if it is sign me up! *Picks up large popcorn, large soda pop, 4D glasses, runs off to somewhere*

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The problem with polls is you don't know that the people being polled are paying for your game... or will ever play it.

IMO the best polls would be ones sent to the subscriber base vs open to anyone polls... if they are drastically different, then yeah; might want to impliment something... but for the most part polls on the internet are useless these days as trolls would pick "two headed candy striped mount" vs "useful and fun feature"
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