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#1 Feb 03 2012 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
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I logged in last night for the first time and set everything up etc and played just a little bit. I have done some of the story quests and some leves and I just have a few questions to ask!

1). I have everything at max setting and I usually get 30fps-40fps. Is this pretty much a standard for high end machines on this game? I5-2600k 3.2GHZ (3.6ghz turbo boost), nvidita gtx 560-ti, 16 gb ram. Just wondering if it is indeed the more-so the engine then my machine or if there is anything special we can do to increase performance.

2). I looked up and saw a list of different npcs that sell items, i started in gardinia (sp?), and I know i can buy the weapons for starting up the various different classes. I was just wondering, armor doesn't seemed to be talked about a lot. Where can you get different armor and how do you now which armor matches a specific class?

3). There only appears to select crafting guilds in this particular city. What if I am interested in other crafts? Can I access these crafts in this city or do I have to wait till later on in the game when I can travel to pick them up in the other cities?

4). I would really like an explanation on how guardians aspect it accumulates, what the bonuses are etc.

5). Keybinding in this game so far is annoying but manageable. I was just wondering if there is a command to clear the box where a key is bound. Also, regarding the action bar, is there any way that I can keybind 6-10 to letter keys or shift +1, +2, +3? I know there are macros but I like having control of exactly when I use abilities!

Any other useful things that could be shared would be appreciated, like things you wish you knew when you first started etc. Overall, I am very excited about playing through this game.
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You can ride an airship to the other nations from the start to be able to quickly go to the guild you need. The airship dock for Gridania is underneath the adventuerer's guild. (where you get guildleves)

Guardian Aspect was a way where you would get bonus rewards from guildleves. However, it's going to be dropped in a few weeks.

The best way to get new armor is to go to the market wards of Ul'dah. that's the player hub.

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30-40 FPS is pretty great considering you're at max settings. There really shouldn't be anything to complain about, I'm on standard and have to deal with 20-30 FPS and it's totally playable.
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