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SO WHAT IS THE EU SERVER?!?!?!?!?!Follow

#1 Feb 10 2012 at 1:19 AM Rating: Default
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I see that they wanted the French and the Germans to play in their own server...


If they want us to play together in the same timezone they are going have to create an EU server for ALL the countries in this area.

Creating a FR + GR only server makes it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone else to play in there if the official server languages are FR and GE.


I was reminded several times that there's going to be a dedicated server for EU players. I don't see it? Is it still coming?

FR and GE are big parts of EU and because SE created this barrier between us in the end ALL EU players will be separated?

Just please tell me what the intention behind all of this is because I've been desperately searching the post to make sense with the previous commitment to make a dedicated EU server.

For the record most of us in EU speak English on some level and more importantly communication isn't 100% necessary to pt ESPECIALLY in this game.

FR and GE are 2 countries. There are 25 other countries waiting for the announcement of EU server as well!
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Firstly, in the US and elsewhere, its usually best not to put your title in all caps. Pretty sure that applies in Europe as well.

Europe is a rather large continent. You're not going to be able to have one server per time zone. If you'd like to play with other in or near your time zone, I'd suggest server 10. Yes, this is the French/German server, but you stated many if not most people speak English to some degree or another.
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World 11.

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was reminded several times that there's going to be a dedicated server for EU players. I don't see it? Is it still coming?

No you wasn't. There's never been any news of an EU or any other region specific server other than "Look into it"

The idea is to group the French and German players so they can find people who speak their language rather than having them scatted about since their a minority, not because of the time zones. Whereas the majority of other players speak Japanese or English and will have not have a problem finding people.

World 11


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there is no world 11. Even the latest letter speaks of how they had high priority to get us EU players on more populated servers.

They should have just been up front about this meaning that 2 countries that don't speak the same language make one small non-english server and the rest of us are scattered to mostly US servers.

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I don't think you got the point. They're "proposing" the french and german players to go to the same server to help them find people speaking their language and get a community together. There are also french people in Canada and in some parts of the US, they also could get on these servers.
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Khornette wrote:
World 11.


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