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Thinking about a second try...Follow

#52 Feb 28 2012 at 10:34 PM Rating: Good
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LillithaFenimore wrote:
nick2412 wrote:
... Try it for 10 dollars.. not like the universe is going to collapse if you're 10 dollars poorer..

Personally I'd wait till it's closer to 2.0 to play again, because if you start playing now, you will be burned out long before 2.0 is even released.

OR Invest in a steam account... For 10 bucks you can get a plethora of game more worthy of your time.. Wait what kind of pc gamer are you if you don't have a steam account @.@?

Also TERA online is also looking to be a good investment at this point.. based on taste and financial situations either Guild Wars 2 or Tera online will scratch all of your future MMO itches..

Torchlight 2 is also coming soon, and borderlands 2 is somewhere over the horizon...

Edited, Feb 28th 2012 8:00pm by nick2412

Edited, Feb 28th 2012 8:00pm by nick2412

....I don't have a steam is steam? (feels her age is showing here...)

Steam is mainly for sales, but not so much for us Aussie :/ I would rather buy Steam key from another online retailer like GG or GMG (which don't sell semi-illegal Russian keys). Also Steam is a place for people to do game trading, some buy indie game bundles (3-7 games) for 1 dollar and then trying to resell them at original price (if you check steam store, original price starts from $5).

#53 May 12 2012 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
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This thread is a couple months old but I didn't feel like starting a new one and this title fits what I am going to write about...
Recently I went back and started playing FFXIV allott has changed and many things are better. Also if you haven't read the latest letter from the producer you should, it outlines allott of useful information. Here is the link for the lazy folks copy paste you know the routine. Anyways some of the cool things if you are like me and was paying even though you didn't play chances are you will be able to get sub to game and 8x char per world for 9.99$. That is beast. that alone puts this game on top of the charts. SE really got my attention on that move, read the letter.
The game has indeed gotten much better and is fairly easy to get to run well on a decent system, if you played when it came out you understand what I mean. It took high-end systems to run the game on its lowest settings crazy!!!!!!!
Now the annoying stuff or really just one big thing....The auction system is a pain in the A$$, have to write items down go zone couple times to get to a search menu once u get your prices and everything set up. You have to dispatch your auction lackey out in the middle of nowhere because all the hot spots are full, so much trouble most use them for storage and storage space alone they work well for that, but the auction is a pain in the **** no other way to swing it. Some small things, we still have no control over the devolopmment of our toon, cant distribute points, guild leves or whatever are still there and yes they are boring and they limit you on how many you can at least get maybe even do.
But over all I would say give it another shot I found it much easier to get to level 10. I will continue to pay if I play or not, because I know one day this game will be what we all wanted an not FFXI gone wrong. Anyways hope some people find this thread helpful, sorry about mis-spellings double negatives or just poor paragraph and sentence structure and all that. Get at me on server Excalibur name Kaos Ninja level 10 tank in the making!!!!!!
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