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#1 Feb 26 2012 at 10:23 PM Rating: Decent
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So last summer i gave in and decided to play ffxiv. I was surprised at how much i enjoyed the game specially after hearing so many bad reviews. Unfortunately, the only computer i had that was good enough to run the game broke down near the end of august/early September. Now that i finally have a new computer im deciding weather i should start playing again or not. Its been a few months since i read anything final fantasy related so i have no idea how this game is doing. i have a few questions though.

1. Are there any big changes that have happened since the last time i played? i All i remember was that a patch was about to be released.

2. Since they started charging for the game, how many players decided to leave? I played on selbina. Is it still populated?

3. I heard of the server merges. If i dont play before they happen, will i still be able to choose my server when i come back or will i be places in a random one?

4. and lastly, the LS that i used to be in broke up and many of my friends left the game, would anyone be willing to help a lonely new comer find some friends? =)
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1.There have been many little fixes and changes, one somewhat recently that completely revamped class abilities. Mooglebox has a list I do miss some of them I have to say.

2. Don't have a number, Selbina seems to be one of the most populated servers.

3. Last time I looked Selbina was an exempt server, just name is changing I believe..

4. I would offer you a pearl but my Linkshell just disbanded mysteriously
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1.) There have been many changes; none of them being what I would call substantial. Tweaks, re-balancing, fixes, and sparse, underwhelming content, mostly. I'm waiting until 2.0 to play again, if ever.

2.) Not many actually decided to leave since SE started charging. There was almost nobody left before then, so those remaining are likely going to stay for a long while.

3.) Selbina is not being merged with anything. If it were, though, they don't put you on a random server, but simply merge two existing populations together.

4.) Willing but not able. :P
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463 individual threads asking for a buddy pass...

Seriously though, if you enjoyed it before, you should in theory enjoy it much more now. (potentially)Welcome back.
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Ive been reading over some of the patch notes. WE GOT CHOCOBOS?!? definitely coming back now lol . To be honest though, i loved the game before so i know i will like it now. I was just worried about the population since ill probably have no friends when i come back. And my favorite moments ingame were when i was doing things with my LS or just chatting while i crafted =P

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No, we only ride Goobbue.

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