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SE in decline ? FFXIII-2 Sales 60% less than XIIIFollow

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Ostia wrote:

Ok i think you dint understand my overall point, yes there is some sort of story, but it is not as developed as i or anybody would hope it would be, considering is already 2 years into the game, the story is as it was at release, just with 2 primals on the scene, we still nothing about the empire as we did back then, there are still only 2 empire main characters(3 if you count cid) we know little to nothing about the main characters and what their motivations are, there is no knowledge about the empire as a whole, or any other region of the world, can you tell me who the leader of the empire is ? how did the empire obtain such advance technology when they where just a little nation before ? what about ishgard etc etc ?

See there is a storyline, but after 2 years, it has not moved an inch :/

What are you talking about? The Meteor didn't even come into play until the middle of last year hen they started introducing all the chaotic things that have been happening as of late.

Nael Van Darnus is one of the Imperial Generals who comes into play in the Ifrit quest. He was introduced within the last few months and is involved with investigating Dalamud along with Cid. He tries to spread the word to the city-states that the NPCs running around town are crazy heretics planning the end of the world. (This was evident in Patch 1.18, and you got an achievement for it.)

Back at launch (two years ago as you said) we only knew about Gaius Van Baelsar who is the one leading the assault on Mor Dhona in the level 46 quest.

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I gave it a rent to give it a shot, and found that they did cover off a lot of the things that irritated me, the biggest being unable to change leaders in battle. I'm sure that I'll give it a full go eventually, but it did seem that the levels flew up at a fairly ridiculous rate, for having put ~9-10 hours into it.
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