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ok ok.. it was like 6 years i left ffxi (Titan) but as usual, because i'm king of idiots, after reading that ffxiv sucks, bugs, no way to play, empty server... a review convinced me to back in duty... "Just an idiot would go playing ffxiv right now"... so HERE I AM!!!


I went on cornelia server, gridania (yesteday) i played 3 hours and this is what i noticed...

1) i got incredibly fast level up..
2) I just met 3 players running up and down in the city .. ok.. i lived in jeuno where on 1mq there was like 2000 players... but.. cmon 3 players in a main city?
3) i saw too much similitudes with Wow (a game i hated) and for now i still do not understand the basic skill differences between the classes (on ffxi a galka could not do the whm and a tarutaru could not do a tank).

despite of these consideration i could say i trust that the game will improve on the technical side but i'm scared about the lack of players.

For who, like me, come from ffxi , in that "epoque" there were no free online rpg competing with us and wow... that's why we had a lot of players. Now with all this competition , with a game that started bad and named the top flop of the century in videogame magazines, i'm not so sure it will recover a decent number of players.

now just a personal question.. i joined ffxiv yesterday and now i've the server upgrade :) what's the new EU server suggested? I would avoid italian servers but at the same time i would avoid JP/US due GMT time problem... thank you so much and hope to have fun in the best way we can hoping SE will not suspend me continuosly due the jokes i was used to invent xd

Bye Bye ;)

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Fartmage wrote:
(on ffxi a galka could not do the whm and a tarutaru could not do a tank)



Everybody's worried about the lack of players; that's why so many people will tell you that it's somewhat pointless to play until post-2.0 when, maybe, more people will be playing.

To answer your question, the suggested EU server is Ragnarok, though.

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