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noobish question from a lvl 48 GLAFollow

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this might sound really stupid but I'm approaching level 50 with my Gladiator (never partied in FFXIV) and I'm like.. now what? And not in the sense that I don't know what else to do in the game.. I still have all my crafts to get past the mid-20s so I've got plenty of things to keep me occupied for a while still.

No, what I'm wondering is, if the cap is 50 (it is, right?) and I sometimes see level 76 monsters that hit me for 4000 points of damage (insta-death, here I come), then how would a level 50 party be able to take on monsters like that? because if you get killed IN ONE HIT, I don't care how many you are in your party, you still get killed in one hit..

I guess that's my noobish question.
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Dzemael Darkhold
Chocobo Escort
Company Rank Promotion
Level 50 Faction HNMs

That's about all you can do until 1.21 as far as high level parties are concerned.


With regards to the high level monsters, that's just the remnants of what used to be. There used to be 15-member parties (before the cap was reduced to 8), and I guess those level 76 monsters were for EXPing off of those as large groups. I don't know, really.

For now, they present a challenge if you go for the aetheyte achievements, but for the most part can be snuck by if you walk past them.

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thanks :D
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Like above poster stated thats pretty much all end game we got to work with until next patch (1.21 scheduled for march 9).
However only company related content is realy soloable for the rest you'd need groups to experience.
Therefore a good advice is to find yourself a LS who'd take you in, doing end game events with a LS will most of the time make it alot more enjoyable (and more feasible to accomplish).

Other then that a suggestion is to level up other classes (for cross class abilites) and seing as you play a GLA which will be able to become a Paladin as advanced jobs in next patch you'd want to level Conjurer to at least 15(its a req to unlock PLD).
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A quick note, they populated the world with the implication that the level cap will ultimately be 99(current highest level mobs in the game).

There is also getting the gear you want, quests, exploration, and NMs.
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Part of my question was, who can EVER take on a level 73 Storm Blast (like the one I just walked up to and who hit me for 5478 points of damage, about double the energy my level 48 GLA has), even in a party. No one currently I guess.. I'll just keep trying to dodge those for the time being.. ;D
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Yes since a few patches back, monster damage and stats etc have been adjusted and balanced, so many 70+ enemies will now equal instant death.

As others said earlier patches full alliances could take down lvl 99 mobs with use of clever game mechanics.
Nowadays its best to stay clear of most any mobs which is more then 5-7 levels above you (unless in full PT or alliance where you can tackle mobs 10-12 levels above still).
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