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#1 Mar 11 2012 at 9:17 AM Rating: Good
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ok so from what I've found online, it sounds like the GUILD MARKS system is a thing of the past and will be completely abolished come 2.0. is that correct? I've got thousands of guild marks; I just want to make sure that they'll never be of any use before I cash them in for 4 gil a pop.

The other thing is, I had acquired KEY ITEMS like "weaving training" and "smelting training" with my guild marks. are these key items of any use anymore, or should I sell them to the NPC? All I could find was this:

One last little thing, concerning retainers (another thing I couldn't find any info on). we can't purchase additional retainers yet, can we? Is it just me or is the lodestone pretty bad at communicating this sort of info?

thanks in advance.
#2 Mar 11 2012 at 10:21 AM Rating: Excellent
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Correct, no more use for Guild Marks. You can exchange your marks for Materia or for gil.

As far as any items you previously will be reimbursed with guild marks...which you will also exchange back in.

Items Exchangeable for Guild Marks

Item Price (guild marks)
Bloodthirst Materia I 2,000
Bloodthirst Materia II 3,000
Bloodthirst Materia III 8,000
Bloodthirst Materia IV 30,000
Manathirst Materia I 2,000
Manathirst Materia II 3,000
Manathirst Materia III 6,000
Manathirst Materia IV 16,000
Lifethirst Materia I 2,000
Lifethirst Materia II 3,000
Lifethirst Materia III 6,000
Lifethirst Materia IV 16,000
Strength Materia I 2,000
Strength Materia II 3,000
Strength Materia III 7,000
Strength Materia IV 20,000
Vitality Materia I 2,000
Vitality Materia II 3,000
Vitality Materia III 7,000
Vitality Materia IV 20,000
Dexterity Materia I 2,000
Dexterity Materia II 3,000
Dexterity Materia III 7,000
Dexterity Materia IV 20,000
Intelligence Materia I 2,000
Intelligence Materia II 3,000
Intelligence Materia III 8,000
Intelligence Materia IV 30,000
Mind Materia I 2,000
Mind Materia II 3,000
Mind Materia III 7,000
Mind Materia IV 20,000
Piety Materia I 2,000
Piety Materia II 3,000
Piety Materia III 10,000
Piety Materia IV 36,000
Ironman's Will Materia I 2,000
Ironman's Will Materia II 3,000
Ironman's Will Materia III 7,000
Ironman's Will Materia IV 20,000
Swordsman's Cry Materia I 2,000
Swordsman's Cry Materia II 3,000
Swordsman's Cry Materia III 10,000
Swordsman's Cry Materia IV 36,000
Watchman's Vigil Materia I 2,000
Watchman's Vigil Materia II 3,000
Watchman's Vigil Materia III 7,000
Watchman's Vigil Materia IV 20,000
Loresman's Wit Materia I 2,000
Loresman's Wit Materia II 3,000
Loresman's Wit Materia III 10,000
Loresman's Wit Materia IV 36,000
Wise Man's Vision Materia I 2,000
Wise Man's Vision Materia II 3,000
Wise Man's Vision Materia III 10,000
Wise Man's Vision Materia IV 36,000
Vestryman's Faith Materia I 2,000
Vestryman's Faith Materia II 3,000
Vestryman's Faith Materia III 10,000
Vestryman's Faith Materia IV 36,000
Fire Materia I 10,000
Fire Materia II 20,000
Fire Materia III 60,000
Fire Materia IV 200,000
Ice Materia I 10,000
Ice Materia II 20,000
Ice Materia III 60,000
Ice Materia IV 200,000
Wind Materia I 10,000
Wind Materia II 20,000
Wind Materia III 60,000
Wind Materia IV 200,000
Earth Materia I 10,000
Earth Materia II 20,000
Earth Materia III 60,000
Earth Materia IV 200,000
Lightning Materia I 10,000
Lightning Materia II 20,000
Lightning Materia III 60,000
Lightning Materia IV 200,000
Water Materia I 10,000
Water Materia II 20,000
Water Materia III 60,000
Water Materia IV 200,000
Fire Veil Materia I 10,000
Fire Veil Materia II 20,000
Fire Veil Materia III 60,000
Fire Veil Materia IV 200,000
Ice Veil Materia I 10,000
Ice Veil Materia II 20,000
Ice Veil Materia III 60,000
Ice Veil Materia IV 200,000
Wind Veil Materia I 10,000
Wind Veil Materia II 20,000
Wind Veil Materia III 60,000
Wind Veil Materia IV 200,000
Earth Veil Materia I 10,000
Earth Veil Materia II 20,000
Earth Veil Materia III 60,000
Earth Veil Materia IV 200,000
Lightning Veil Materia I 10,000
Lightning Veil Materia II 20,000
Lightning Veil Materia III 60,000
Lightning Veil Materia IV 200,000
Water Veil Materia I 10,000
Water Veil Materia II 20,000
Water Veil Materia III 60,000
Water Veil Materia IV 200,000
Heavens' Fist Materia I 4,000
Heavens' Fist Materia II 16,000
Heavens' Fist Materia III 36,000
Heavens' Fist Materia IV 86,000
Heavens' Eye Materia I 4,000
Heavens' Eye Materia II 16,000
Heavens' Eye Materia III 36,000
Heavens' Eye Materia IV 86,000
Hells' Fist Materia I 4,000
Hells' Fist Materia II 16,000
Hells' Fist Materia III 36,000
Hells' Fist Materia IV 86,000
Hells' Eye Materia I 4,000
Hells' Eye Materia II 16,000
Hells' Eye Materia III 36,000
Hells' Eye Materia IV 86,000
Savage Might Materia I 4,000
Savage Might Materia II 16,000
Savage Might Materia III 36,000
Savage Might Materia IV 86,000
Sagacious Might Materia I 4,000
Sagacious Might Materia II 16,000
Sagacious Might Materia III 36,000
Sagacious Might Materia IV 86,000
Battledance Materia I 4,000
Battledance Materia II 16,000
Battledance Materia III 36,000
Battledance Materia IV 86,000
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I 4,000
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II 16,000
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia III 36,000
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia IV 86,000
Gatherer's Guile Materia I 4,000
Gatherer's Guile Materia II 16,000
Gatherer's Guile Materia III 36,000
Gatherer's Guile Materia IV 86,000
Gatherer's Grasp Materia I 4,000
Gatherer's Grasp Materia II 16,000
Gatherer's Grasp Materia III 36,000
Gatherer's Grasp Materia IV 86,000
Craftsman's Competence Materia I 4,000
Craftsman's Competence Materia II 16,000
Craftsman's Competence Materia III 36,000
Craftsman's Competence Materia IV 86,000
Craftsman's Cunning Materia I 4,000
Craftsman's Cunning Materia II 16,000
Craftsman's Cunning Materia III 36,000
Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV 86,000
Craftsman's Command Materia I 4,000
Craftsman's Command Materia II 16,000
Craftsman's Command Materia III 36,000
Craftsman's Command Materia IV 86,000
Bloodflight Materia I 4,000
Bloodflight Materia II 16,000
Bloodflight Materia III 36,000
Bloodflight Materia IV 86,000
Manaflight Materia I 4,000
Manaflight Materia II 10,000
Manaflight Materia III 30,000
Manaflight Materia IV 100,000
Bloodwall Materia I 4,000
Bloodwall Materia II 16,000
Bloodwall Materia III 36,000
Bloodwall Materia IV 86,000
Cactuar Foot Materia I 4,000
Cactuar Foot Materia II 16,000
Cactuar Foot Materia III 36,000
Cactuar Foot Materia IV 86,000
Wyvern Skin Materia I 4,000
Wyvern Skin Materia II 16,000
Wyvern Skin Materia III 36,000
Wyvern Skin Materia IV 86,000
Bomb Blood Materia I 4,000
Bomb Blood Materia II 16,000
Bomb Blood Materia III 36,000
Bomb Blood Materia IV 86,000
Pixie Tongue Materia I 4,000
Pixie Tongue Materia II 16,000
Pixie Tongue Materia III 36,000
Pixie Tongue Materia IV 86,000
Coeurl Eye Materia I 4,000
Coeurl Eye Materia II 16,000
Coeurl Eye Materia III 36,000
Coeurl Eye Materia IV 86,000
Aurelia Kiss Materia I 4,000
Aurelia Kiss Materia II 16,000
Aurelia Kiss Materia III 36,000
Aurelia Kiss Materia IV 86,000
Bison Hoof Materia I 4,000
Bison Hoof Materia II 16,000
Bison Hoof Materia III 36,000
Bison Hoof Materia IV 86,000
Funguar Shriek Materia I 4,000
Funguar Shriek Materia II 16,000
Funguar Shriek Materia III 36,000
Funguar Shriek Materia IV 86,000
Treant Root Materia I 4,000
Treant Root Materia II 16,000
Treant Root Materia III 36,000
Treant Root Materia IV 86,000
Chocobo Down Materia I 4,000
Chocobo Down Materia II 16,000
Chocobo Down Materia III 36,000
Chocobo Down Materia IV 86,000
Touch of Rage Materia I 4,000
Touch of Rage Materia II 16,000
Touch of Rage Materia III 36,000
Touch of Rage Materia IV 86,000
Touch of Serenity Materia I 4,000
Touch of Serenity Materia II 16,000
Touch of Serenity Materia III 36,000
Touch of Serenity Materia IV 86,000
Healer's Hand Materia I 5,000
Healer's Hand Materia II 18,000
Healer's Hand Materia III 40,000
Healer's Hand Materia IV 100,000
Fire Shard 20
Ice Shard 20
Wind Shard 20
Earth Shard 20
Lightning Shard 20
Water Shard 20
Fire Crystal 60
Ice Crystal 60
Wind Crystal 60
Earth Crystal 60
Lightning Crystal 60
Water Crystal 60
Fire Cluster 1,200
Ice Cluster 1,200
Wind Cluster 1,200
Earth Cluster 1,200
Lightning Cluster 1,200
Water Cluster 1,200
* Players may also choose to exchange unused guild marks for gil. The current exchange rate is 4 gil per mark.

Amos Fin - Ultros

#3 Mar 11 2012 at 10:37 AM Rating: Good
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#4 Mar 11 2012 at 10:38 AM Rating: Good
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If you have the patience I think you could get more for the materia if you sell it at the right location, compared to 4:1 gil
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#5 Mar 14 2012 at 3:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Perrin, ****** Superhero wrote:
If you have the patience I think you could get more for the materia if you sell it at the right location, compared to 4:1 gil

yeah it's quite easy to do considering some materia sells for 600-800k

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