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Hey guys.. returning player with a few questionsFollow

#1 Mar 17 2012 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
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just two questions really ... 1st one I cant find the answer to anywhere.. is there an updated leveling guide? for solo if so can anyone link it..

second question is lol i feel my server is literally dead i never ever see anyone talking in general chat.. (Selbina)
then again my jobs are only around level 10-17.. and I have only been around Limsa Lominsa area.. Any help would be great
#2 Mar 17 2012 at 12:24 PM Rating: Decent
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1. There isn't an updated leveling guide that I am aware of. The only person that was doing one that I know of left to go play TOR, however s/he posts on here from time to time. AzuryAmber or something like that.

2. I thought Selbina was one of the more populated servers. If you are only in Limsa Lominsa then you need to head to Uldah, that is where the majority of servers congregate. You should be able to run into more people there than just sticking in one of the other two cities.

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#3 Mar 18 2012 at 10:21 PM Rating: Good
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yeah no one chills in city but everyone likes Uldah for some odd reason

#4 Mar 18 2012 at 11:05 PM Rating: Good
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1. You don't really need an updated leveling guide for soloing. Since 1.21, soloing has been really easy and doing leve your level or a bit higher, as well as Behest in Camp net a lot of easy Xp. If you run out of leve just hit whatever mobs close to your level around the Camp you're at. After you get into a Grand Company, you can also do GC leve which give even more Xp, GC Seal but less gil reward. Faction leves give even better Xp reward (though you need a pt with FNM, you can get like 12k-16k Xp reward from that one upon completion).

2. LL is very badly populated since there's very little reason to hang around there. At the very least in Gridania people used to (and still do now) gather to get the quests for Primals. Also JP tend to favour Twin Adder over Maelstrom when it comes to GC.

#5 Mar 19 2012 at 1:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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Khornette wrote:
Also JP tend to favour Twin Adder over Maelstrom when it comes to GC.

Not to mention everyone thinks Nophica has a nice rack Smiley: blush
#6 Mar 19 2012 at 8:56 AM Rating: Decent
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With the limited space in the rental rooms, at least on Mysidia, people have started moving to Gridania as a back-up logout, but still everyone ends back up in Ul'Dah for shouts.

The Recruit and Party search features are starting to get used more and more, so location is mattering less.

I started trying to build a leveling guide when I was still leveling, unfortunately, it was while they were changing classes/mobs/spawn locations, and while I was able to get the level 20 camps in Coerthas down, I ended up giving up.

Now that things have settled down again, I will try and map out camps (though I will not be able to test them, as I don't have any classes available to exp with).

As a general rule of thumb, obvious camps are as follows:
1-5: Just outside of town.
5-10: Look for small open areas on the maps near the first outposts. E.g. in Ul'dah going from the first camp to Horizon there is a camp just before the bottle neck. Just north of the first outpost near the mines there are ~5+ camps, and west before you get to the bottleneck there, there is another camp. All 5-10 spots are good for 1-2 person parties, a few can handle quite a few people.

In limsa, the 5-10 mobs are towards aleport, and near the dungeon. A lot of running and killing from what I have seen.

Gridania is more of a pain in my opinion to start. You have the typical starter mobs outside of town, then towards 9 ivies there are a few camps, then down towards Tranquil before the the way-station place, and also towards Emerald moss, but stay away from Humble Hearth, as there are random level 30 wolves in some tunnels that will destroy a low level class.

But, if there are people interested in finding camps, I will start looking again for positions and locations for camps (I spent a good portion of this weekend looking for Snurbles only to find a new type, not listed here, that doesn't even drop what I was looking for...), and continue my list (all of my camps listed on lodestone are still valid, I think one Apkalu camp was moved, but other than that, they stayed the same after the last mob update).
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