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#1 Mar 19 2012 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
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How's the latency for people in FFXIV? Looking forward to coming back to the game but I just find stuff like 200+ ping unplayable in MMOs, and beta/release was just bad with mobs hitting you multiple times before your character reacted - is it still like this? Is there any way I can pingtest a server to get an idea of how bad it will be, or can any EU players give me an idea in terms of latency? Thanks
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Some people still have issues, I really never had major issues and now have none at all. However certain things do still have a bit of lag on them like selling items to a vendor or when you purchase an item directly from the zone of the wards instead of entering them.
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The only problems I really encounter are with my Cooldown Timers, some issues on Ifrit fight, and a little slowness with merchants. For now this will be an issue until the 2.0 client.

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There are still some client based latency issues that will (or more accurately *should*) be fixed in 2.0. But as of now, the most significant issue is a bug in the client that can cause a 3-5 second timing error with abilities (saying that they are available before they are). This is a sync issue with the client, and is usually resolved by logging out and logging back in. It is not an always present issue, it shows up from time to time, and tends to happen more frequently on lower performance systems (I have been comparing it to my laptop, my wifes, and my PC, and the frequency of the issue has directly correlated to the system capabilities).

And there are animation delay issues (Ifrit is the biggest problem with this), in that the timing between your actions in response to a visible reaction on the screen results in you being outside of the range of an attack, and the attack still hitting you (since the server resolved the actions outside of your movement).

This can also be seen in every SH party if you try to use an ability just before a mob dies, and you will get an error stating that the mob is already dead. Depending on the speed of the party, mobs can have nearly a 1/10 of their HP on your screen when you receive this message.

But, all and all, what I am talking about sounds bad, but it really is just minor annoyances if you look for them. The issues at release were painful on an epic level, and they don't exist anymore.

If you are concerned about latency, and take client reaction speed critically, I would say come back to the forums during the 2.0 beta and ask again. There will be some basic issues with the current version that can not be resolved.
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Animation delay issues are what bother me most tbh, clicking a skill and it not firing off pretty much immediately. If they're already in the 0.5s delay range it's a bit much for me, but if they're only slight I can accept them - I guess what I'm asking is how bad are the animation delays, I'll try looking up some current videos to see if I can get an idea(links would be greatly appreciated too). Thanks for replies so far.
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