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#1 Mar 22 2012 at 6:24 PM Rating: Good
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Alright, I've gotten the game updated and all of my payment options sorted and I'm ready to begin. I've created about a dozen characters, watched the opening cinematic and deleted and started over (I don't particularly like ANY of the facial combinations... the highlanders have terrible hair and no eyebrows, all of the midlanders look like they're still in high school, etc.). What I'm wondering however, is where I should start. I know I could find information regarding the three starting zones, but I'm looking more for an up-to-date opinion of where to begin the adventure.

Is Ul'Dah still the most populace and popular choice of a starting area? I remember there being more pros than cons associated with starting in Ul'Dah when I first played a couple of years ago.

Is Gridania still an undesirable starting place? It appeals to me the most but I remember it being the least populace starting area and hearing a lot about the map being difficult to navigate or mundane or something like that.

Also, is there any statistical difference between being a midlander/highlander/elezen? I'm sure I could look that one up (will probably try after this) but I figured I'd just tack it on.

Finally, if anyone has a LS that is lowbie friendly and socially active, I would love to find an LS to get involved with and have a social aspect to my early grind. I'd be happy to start my character on your server if you would have me.

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The maps are going to be rebuilt and the characters will have more customizable options in 5-6 months. You'll have an option to remake your character and your levels etc will carry over on the switch to the new client.

You have access to an airship from the very beginning so pick which one suits you most. You can just simply airship to Uldah (the hub area on most servers) to get your gear and etc. The fee for an airship is 100 gil * your highest levelled job.\

I lead Viva Eorzea, a somewhat large casual-friendly mid-core LS on Figaro. Send me a PM if you're interested.

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The shroud (grid area) is still a mess. I can't wait til 2.0 fixes that place lol. Yes uldah is the most populated city. Your race doesn't matter too much for statistical difference, or i don't notice anything. If you choose Besaid hit me up otherwise GL!

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Thanks for the responses so far. Interesting about being able to air-ship to the other areas from the get go now. Had no idea about that. And also very interesting that they're adding more creation options for re-launch. That's confirmed, along with the fact that you'll be able to recreate your character without losing progress? It's a shame about Gridania (for now)... I would have loved the aesthetic of the area if it hadn't been a clusterfudge.

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MCraine wrote:
And also very interesting that they're adding more creation options for re-launch. That's confirmed, along with the fact that you'll be able to recreate your character without losing progress?

Links below to concept art for male miqo'tes and female roegadyn. Check out the 2.0 press release on the lodestone if you want to see more concept art for things coming in 2.0 like the gridania zone redesign.

As far as changing race when 2.0 comes this is the last thing I can remember hearing about it.
Since we are adding new races in 2.0, when customizing characters, players will be able to change everything about their characters, including their race. However, I am currently thinking about whether it is OK to allow players to transform from a male Roegadyn into a female Lalafell overnight…

Game policy-wise I am having a difficult time deciding on a direction, so I would appreciate it if I can receive your feedback on this issue so I can make the best decision possible.

If I make the race change possible, players who want to change can do so and players who don’t want to change have the option not to, so it may be best to allow race changes.
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