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I just got back in to ffxiv after shy of 4 month absents and i need some help learning to play my first job. For my first job i have decided upon WAR and am currently working on finishing off AF and skills. So here's where i need some assistance as not to embarrass my self. For both melee and tanking would some one mind going over skill rotation and macro's i will need to perform well? As well as any additional tips and hints that will be of potential help. Normally this is not something i would ask, however as it sits all but 1 of my classes is below 50, so i do not have the learning curve.

Thanks in advance and i am happy to be back.

EDIT: As well if you know of any job guide's for the other jobs as well, i will be more then happy to give them a read through.

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The big thing that I have found is, in group tanking, spamming Steel Cyclone skill chain as often as possible. I always keep rampage up for tanking, and berserk for DD (though it's almost always Rampage anyways).

And if you are tanking (and sometimes when not), always setup a collusion partner before you start (especially in Dungeons). It's handy if they setup a call in party chat, to let you know when it's time, and it is also handy to call out in party chat when Collusion is ready. Hitting a firaga, or something similar from a black mage can really keep the party going.

Other than that, just keeping up with your vokes, and flash on your primary target (if you are fighting a boss and dinks), or saving your voke and flash for peel-offs (for example in CC for the ant princess if you miss a steel cyclone, or if collusion is down).

But a lot of it is really situational, and timing. But, I will be honest, from my limited experience so far, it really comes down to keeping up rampage, then opening with antagonize, Provoke, 2 hits, and you are all the way to steel cyclone, which should put you in time with the first mage combo for a collusion. At that point, the mob is your best friend for life.

There is more to it, but that should get you started, and just get a feel for it. To be honest, you can go out to a group of level 40-50 mobs solo or duo, and just try group damage (I would recommend either doing an SH run as a tank, or go out and kill the boars by treespeak) just to get things down.
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