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Could anyone help with network issue?Follow

#1 Apr 02 2012 at 7:18 AM Rating: Decent
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So i have two systems with ffxiv installed, a laptop and a desktop, my laptop plays ffxiv just fine no problems or lag issues, my desktop has a problem running the game once i log into my server, i just see R0 , and it stays that way for 5-10 minutes then i time out. I reinstalled the game , that did not work. Both systems are wireless. My desktop plays other games online with no problems. Any advice would be helpful thanks.
#2 Apr 02 2012 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
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What's your desktop specs?

#3 Apr 02 2012 at 11:06 AM Rating: Good
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Just a thought, did you set port forwarding on your laptop? You might not have it enabled for your desktop and your router is kicking you to free up bandwidth for the laptop...

I know when I update the game on my wifes PC while trying to play on mine that I get issues from time to time.
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Does the issue occur with other apps too? Seconding Perrin about checking the port forwarding settings and make sure the Ports also get forwarded to the desktop's IP address too. Are you trying to connect with both at the same time? Is your routers firmware up to date? Do you have any QOS settings active?

If you can, try a different router. I had the same problem with a friends network and it ended up being the firmware on the router would choke up if we both logged into am online game together with both of us connected to it. Hopefully that's not the case here.


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Another chime in. Id say this sounds like a port forwarding issue, but for reasons different to the two above posters.

It sounds to me like you do have port forwarding enabled and that may be the cause of your problem. You cannot forward the same port from one originating IP (the router, your external IP) to multiple destination IPs (your client PCs, internal IP).

Think of port forwarding like a pidgeon hole mailbox in a flat entrance way. You stick a note on your mailbox saying any post to go there should be put into box 10 instead. Post now goes into box 10, as requested. You now stick another note on there saying post to go to box 12. Postman sees a note saying box 10, and also box 12, only has one copy of the letter and so can only put it into one box. Maybe if he was a super expensive feature rich postman he could cope, but he isnt. He simply cant deliver one letter to two addresses.

EDIT: Actually now that I've had a cup of tea and thought about it, port forwarding should not be causing these issues. I could imagine possible problems with P2P powered patchers (which would benefit from port forwarding) but you absolutely should not need any forwarded ports to simply play a game. Maybe if you were hosting an XIV server you would, but just playing with a client not really. Then again, this is SE!

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i do not use both systems at the same time very often, and I had this problem with my Desktop before I even owned the laptop. so i have never tried using both system to log in, I only have 1 account. I am not sure about the port forwarding, i havent messed with any of those settings.
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