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#1 Apr 06 2012 at 6:23 AM Rating: Good
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Hello All,
Hello everyone I am new to the world of Final Fantasy 14, I just starting I must say I like it so far. I mean I am only lv 11 arc in one day but I still like it. So I had a few question on some thing's. I was reading there is suppose to be a character quest ever 5 lvs. I have not done a character quest do they start at a certain lv and also I am on the balmung server I believe, and I have not seen a lot of people I don't know cause It is I am still in grandia. I am looking for some people to play with and also just so me the ropes of the game I got the basics down, but is always fun to have someone people to play with. I would be willing to switch servers and all If I had to.

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They changed how the class quests work now. They don't start until lvl 20 now. As for not seeing people, right now LL and Gridania aren't extremely populated, plus you won't see many people standing around in those two towns, because if they are in the region they are out at the camps. The main hub right now is Uldah. This may or may not change when Market Wards are merged. I personally don't see it changing much as people use uldah to shout for groups also.
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Hello Zrelasroa, welcome to FFXIV.

I'll start with you're last question; most people, high and low level, tend to congregate in Ul'dah. It's not terribly difficult to get to from Gridania and you will still be able to do anything in Ul'dah you are doing in Gridania. Just head south in The Black Shroud and stick to the path. Once you get to the next area, Ul'dah will be on the map (again, just stick to the path). Alternatively, I don't think there is any barrier to entry on the Airships. It costs 5k and runs out of the basement of the Adventurer's Guild in Gridania. You should be able to take it straight to Ul'dah.

As to your other question, I am not entirely sure which quests you are referring to. There are four types of progression quests (Missions). The Main missions - which occur starting at level one and can be done periodically (though not regularly) as you level [1, 8, 15, 20, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46]. Job quests, which allow you to unlock special gear and abilities for your Job - which is a type of... augmentation for your class - these occur every 5 levels starting at level 30. There are also Class quests, which are gotten from your class' Guild, there are three of these at 20, 30, and 36. Finally, Grand Company quests, which I confess to not remembering much about, other than that they allow you to join a Grand Company to fight for the country of your choice. There was, I believe, a level requirement to do the first one, but I cannot recall what it was.

Finally, welcome to Balmung, I don't have time to play often, but I'd love to help out if I can.

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You guys are my heroes. Rate ups for everyone! Smiley: nod
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Thanks everyone, for help welcome and replies, and also the help on the info on the quest right now I am just doing the adventure lv level quest you can take to help lv up. :) Well I am on at night and my in game name is Zrleasroa if any wants to send me a in game pm I am on around 830 pm EST. Looking for a few people to play with and all.

Also does anyone know what lv you can get your own chocobo or is there a quest you have to do it be able to get it?

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At 22 you can join a Grand Company, you want to start doing those quests as you can (decent exp), and once you get to 25, you have to choose a permanent Grand Company. At that point you can get your chocobo.

On a side note, you can get your Goobue at 30.
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What is a goobue? never mind you tubed it looks cool, still like chocobos though. I heard that might relish magi armor from ff3

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The Goobue is just a reward for people playing before the release of 2.0. The thing is actually quite annoying, and not frequently used (if you are a rogedyn, you literally can't see anything infront of you when you are on a goobue...)

But they are fun, and Yoshi personally gives it to you (when you talk to the NPC in game, take a close look at him, he was modeled after Yoshi).
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Airships are not 5000 gil always. It's 100 gil * the level of your highest class/job.

Just wanted to clarify.
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Very cool I might travel there just to see the world, and all. Also does anyone have a active open link shell I might be able to join? I love playing ff11 and having a active link shell to talk to while playing. Also is it true you can armor you chocobo in this ver of ff?
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What server are you on?

I don't know if the current barding actually improves your chocobo's defense, but yeah, there are 4 tiers of choco barding (including the default one you get with your chocobo). Buying the 3 additional barding gives you the achievement Pimp My Ride:).
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I am on Balmung, but I would switch to servers to make friends in game and all. My archer is only lv 11 right now so remaking a new char would not be the worst thing in the world.

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I'm on Balmung send me a tell whenever

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