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#1 Apr 06 2012 at 12:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello Friends,

What I need from everyone is an honest answer gamer to gamer. Is this game going to be worth coming back to in a few months?

Here is a bit about me and who I am. I played FFXI for years and loved it. Loved every minute of the painful leveling from 40 to 41 in KRT as a Monk in 2004. I believe some aspects of FFXI remain some of the hardest video gaming experiences I've ever had, inclusive of some of the ridiculous 8-bit games. Never played WoW. Played TOR for about 2mos, raced a character to 50, finished the story and reflected on the fact that for most of the game I didn't even need to be in a guild. Ive long been seasoned in shouting for teleport-altep and begging for help doing KS99s that the wimpy 4man "slightly harder" quests in TOR were easy to blow through. Quit TOR with a wimper, and only a significant story addition would drive me back. Even the end-game of TOR seems silly compared to FFXI. Do your dailies for gear that is rated at a level for about 10mos before it becomes obsolete? Kirin's Osode was a standard (not always ideal) for end-game armor (and always a difficult challenge) for years.

Anyways, like-minded gamers out there will know exactly the kind of gamer I am from that blip and you're the people I'm talking to anyways. Is there hope for this game, or has Yoshida drank the casual cool-aid and is ****-bent on creating a real flashy "meh" experience. I am totally forgiving of *some* aspects catering to the casual-crowd but when the rubber hits the road will this game have charm FFXI had?

Thanks all

#2 Apr 06 2012 at 3:20 PM Rating: Good
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Honestly, it's hard to say for sure right now. They have been trying to keep things fresh and difficult, but with the tumultuous changes on going to the battle system, they've been having a difficult time pinning down what is "hard". I believe it took around a week for the first group to beat Ifrit, and Yoshi-P and Co were quoted as being somewhat miffed that people managed it so quickly, so take from that what you will.

At the same time, a lot of people will tell you that the game really doesn't have any big challenges. I would agree, but go on to say that that has less to do with intent, and more to do with the difficulty of designing hard content when the combat system itself is a constantly shifting target. I believe that there is intent to make difficult, rewarding content similar to KS99s or Kirin, but I don't think it exists as of yet. That has as much to do with the lack of quantity of content as it does anything else though.

On the other hand, one dose of the "casual cool-aid", as you call it, that Yoshi-P definately has taken is with leveling. Leveling has gotten easier and easier with every update without fail and without slowing. That being said, Yoshi-P also does not seem committed to adding meaningful content to the 1-40 range, so fast leveling may just be his way to get new players into the same content as older players.

In summary, I think FFXIV definitely has the potential to be the game for you. But you'll have to judge for yourself if it has gotten there yet. Contrary to what a lot of the best players will tell you - for your average player, there is very challenging content. In the near future, there may be challenging content for even the most elite players. Right now, FFXIV has made a lot of improvement, and I would say it is at the point for you from what you have said that it could go either way.
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Thanks Hulan I appreciate your candid feedback.
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