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Hey, I re activated and I am looking for advice on JobFollow

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I am at the level I need to be to start all the job quests, I was wondering which job's are in high demand, specifically on balmung. I am interested in DRG, BRD, MNK, maybe BLM.

Also, are people generally willing to help you do the quests or is it hard to find a group to complete them. If a linkshell is recruiting and wouldn't mind my level, I would like to see end game content and I am willing to play a role that the guild needs.

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Thank you in advance for all the help.

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All of them are useful, except PLD. PLD needs quite a bit of work/balance.
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Play whatever you want to play as. Most play at least a main and sub job (2 jobs). Every one is useful.

It's better to hit 50 and do the quest. Sometimes a party of 4, once (mid tier NM), and a party of 8, four times ( Stronghold AF, Dungeon AF, NM boss, final body AF Fight) are required. There are always shouts in uldah for basically all types of AF quest.

It's just easier when you get a party of eight to keep doing the AF quest as sometimes it's a long wait to find eight players to join. I can't imagine doing it at level 30 let alone level 40. At level 45 is when the AF gear quest are offered (when you actually pick up your AF gear). Level 50 is a must for the AF Body fight.

You'll need to hit level 45 and finish the "Into the dark" quest just to be able to enter the new dungeons. Finding a linkshell that is mid-core would be your best bet (players range from casual to hardcore in those shells). As you'll need experienced members to show you the ins and outs of content that is new to you. And a shell that uses voice chat is always a good idea. Makes things so much easier. Even if you only listen and don't talk.

Good luck and have fun!
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Ty. Also, what does the companies do and which should I join?

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Companies are basically a Military. Each city has one. When you join, you earn company seals (through quest, leves, caravans, trade in of items or weapons, ect) to spend on perks (gear, weapons, items, ect). Most of the perks are the same but at higher levels only certain companies offer certain gear / weapons. Join whichever one you want. I have a feeling once Version 2.0 hits the companies of each city will join to be one grand company.

You get your chocobo mount through them. Which is a really great asset to have. To be able to call it at any time as many times as you want and it cost no gil.

It's not as big deal as everyone use to make of it as to which one to join. As the content that requires the same company no one does anymore. So by choosing which one you want to join is always the best.
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Based on the descriptions given for the companies I am interested in gridania's. I have decided to start over and just transfer my stuff to the new character as it would really make it easier to get used to all the new changes. From what I understand it is even faster to level now then it was back around the time the grand companies first came out? I would really like to know a few more things that are holding me up.

Dieties, any in game impact yet, and is there a place I can figure out which one is my real life diety (december 16th 1986). Also what impact does picking limsa or gridinia have as a starting city, long term and is there a way I can see a little bit about the gridinia story to know if I would like it more than the limsa one (i like that one a lot).

Lastly, what does it mean that all my gear says "dated" on it. Can i still sell the stuff some of which cost 500k+ in gil?

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