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Materia Reform (04/11/2012)Follow

#1 Apr 11 2012 at 3:51 AM Rating: Good
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Patch 1.22 will usher in a wide range of reforms to materia:

The following materia varieties will be added:

Swiftwall Materia Block Rate + Hands
Sound of Suffering Materia Enfeebling Magic Potency + Hands
Sanguinary Might Materia Critical Attack Power +HP + Waist
Stellar Might Materia Magic Critical Potency +MP + Waist
Sound of Serenity Materia Healing Magic Potency + MP + Feet
Savage Aim Materia Critical Rate + Legs
Evenflow Materia Store TP +Accuracy + Hands
Sound of Certainty Materia Enhancement Magic Potency + Head

The bonus attributes granted by the following materia will be adjusted:

Name Before → After
Touch of Rage Materia I Enmity: +1 — 2 → Enmity: +1 — 10
Touch of Rage Materia II Enmity: +3 — 4 → Enmity: +11 — 15
Touch of Rage Materia III Enmity: +5 — 8 → Enmity: +16 — 20
Touch of Rage Materia IV Enmity: +9 — 12 → Enmity: +21 — 25
Touch of Serenity Materia I Enmity: -1 → Enmity: -1 — 4
Touch of Serenity Materia II Enmity: -2 — 3 → Enmity: -5 — 8
Touch of Serenity Materia III Enmity: -3 — 4 → Enmity: -9 — 12
Touch of Serenity Materia IV Enmity: -5 — 8 → Enmity: -13 — 16
* The attributes of materia already existing in-game will automatically change to reflect the above following release of patch 1.22.

The following unique/untradable items will be made convertible into materia:

Claret Coif / Claret Breeches / Helm of the Lone Knight / Mitts of the Lone Knight / Verdant Hora / Astaroth Cane / Canopus Bill / Canopus Shield / Templar's Falchion / Verdant Shortbow / Canopus Guisarme / Verdant Scepter / Alpine War Jacket / Warlock's Buckler / Solid Scale Mail / Revolutionary's Bliaud / Bladedancer's Jackboots / Warlock's Pattens / Ifrit's Claws / Ifrit's Blade / Ifrit's Battleaxe / Ifrit's Harpoon / Ifrit's Bow / Ifrit's Cane / Ifrit's Cudgel / Murderous Mogfists / Morbid Mogblade / Malignant Mogaxe / Melancholy Mogfork / Mischievous Mogbow / Malevolent Mogwand / Maleficent Mogstaff / Torturer's Monocle / Torturer's Duckbills / Warden's Barbut / Warden's Gauntlets / Brigand's Acton / Brigand's Gloves / Poacher's Hat / Poacher's Tunic / Ascetic's Halfrobe / Ascetic's Tights / Warden's Dagger / Charred Axe / Tidesplitter / Joukil's Guile / Unbreakable Knuckles / Tenfinger Tallstaff / Heart of House d'Arlendre / Waning Sun Pelta

Players will be able to request others to meld materia on their behalf in the same manner as seeking repairs. Upon selecting either a piece of gear or materia in the inventory interface, you will be presented with the “Materia Request“ option. Making the request incurs a fee commensurate with the required level of the item to which materia will be melded, payable in gil to the player who accepts the request.

* In addition to the abovementioned fee, players must also provide a suitable catalyst.
* This method allows only the melding of the first piece of materia to any given item.

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#2 Apr 11 2012 at 6:40 AM Rating: Good
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FINALLY Block Rate. Pld once again has potential (and probably will fall short again... but we will see)
#3 Apr 11 2012 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
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materia should imo be made attachable regardless of crafting level. like socketing gems in WoW
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#4 Apr 11 2012 at 7:00 AM Rating: Good
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The upcoming changes to primal drops (tokens/nuts) lead me to believe these new materia come from Converting rare/ex gear. Looks like I'm not done with ifrit and moogle after all. >,<

#5 Apr 11 2012 at 8:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow, I just noticed, while Pld gets more block rate, they are adding Crit Rate materia to legs for War (ok works well for other jobs, but Crit=HP for War).

And now we are going to see all dd with Evenflow multi-meld hand pieces... Note to self, start spirit bonding (though it's probably true that they only come from the Unique items...
#6 Apr 11 2012 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
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Sanguinary Might Materia: Critical Attack Power + & HP + on Waist
Stellar Might Materia: Magic Critical Potency + & MP + on Waist

Are the 2 i am most interested in. I use full AF so belt and weapon are the only places i meld. What i am really curious is the initial cost if these bad boys are really from rare/ex armor only. If a IV materia from a 10k ring sells for 500k, what would a IV materia from a R/E cost.
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#7 Apr 11 2012 at 9:33 AM Rating: Good
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Looks great, I'm glad the raid items are now convertable...

As someone who doesn't have them though; I see people complaining when they get a dublicate in their drops that it dissapears, Could you be wearing Ifrits Bow at 100% get it in the fight then convert the one you have and still get the drop in your box? That's the only way I think I'd do it for a weapon on my main.
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#8 Apr 11 2012 at 10:16 AM Rating: Good
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Perrin, if you already have the item on you when you pop a chest, it will give you an error saying you can not recieve another one. In the case of my run (where my inventory was full) it told me that I couldn't get the lance because my inventory was full. So I cleared out items, and tried again, and still got the lance.

So, yes, you should be able to check the chest, see what item you are getting, and if you already have it spirit bonded, burn it for materia, and get a new one.
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