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The Notorious Monsters of Turning LeafFollow

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Now I'm not talking about the plethora of Guardian of the Grove or the Spriggans. I'm talking about the others.

There are four that I discovered in my time there:

Queen Gougou - Opo-Opo on the bridge to aetherite.

Buata - Boar in an open area surrounded by treants. I forget where exactly. I think east field up top.

Capricious Cassie - Small tunnel before Great Oak.

Great Oak - Open area at southernmost corner.

I was alone, so couldn't fight them. I'm wondering if anyone has with their linkshell or friends and what they dropped?


For those curious how to get there and see them: Go south of Crimson Bark. You will eventually come to a place full of ?? level treants. They only aggro if you run. Otherwise, they're harmless. Just walk through and you'll be fine. You can even fight next to them, just don't run or aoe! Oh, and don't bother trying to fight them. They almost always grouped and their Pinecone Bomb does a guaranteed 9999. They're not meant to be killed.

The Spriggans do aggro, but only if you're really close to them. They are easily killed however, even solo!

So get out there and kill some NMs and tell us how you're rewarded!
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Those are 4 of the 5 NMs you need to kill to fight the moogles in Feast for Fools. The 5th NM is a Spriggan called "Spiteful" who roams around the camps of the other 4 NMs.

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*Double Post*

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They don't drop anything other than Unmarked Keystones. They're required to be killed for "A Feast of Fools". You'll do it eventually when you're level 45-50.
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I'm actually level 50 now. Talking to the moogles didn't start any quests and I can't find it in the database. Care to give me more info? :D

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NPC = Louvramt (or close to) in Gridania. Same npc as Ifrit.

The NMs must all be killed for the Key Item initially. After obtaining all 5 you talk to moogle Each time you complete you tele to grid and turn in quest. To re enter you need all 5 key items or 10 keystones x number of key items you do not re obtain.Most will kill the queen and buate and obtain keystones for rest.

Keystones dropped by most mobs in that area-if not all. NMs can drop stacks of 10 keystones. You can pass with loot or take. They are untradeable once in inventory

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