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I'm new and I need some advice/helpFollow

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First let me say that I have played FFXI and WoW among other MMO's. I've been out of MMO's for awhile but I'm interested in FFXIV.

So far I'm still interested but why is everything so much different from FFXI in ways that I feel are inconsequential to make this a better game than FFXI? Anyway,

So if I have a GLD weapon I can just change to that weapon and it will change my class correct? How do I craft? I don't need to visit the guild I can just change my weapon to a crafting tool? Is there an area where I need to do this? How do I get a crafting tool/weapon?

Could anyone recommend a good leveling guide for Ul'dah. Is there an auction? I heard earlier that they didn't intend to create one but I know the game has changed since it started.

I know I have more questions but this will get me started. Thanks for your help.
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I don't know if I can remember all of your questions but here goes...
There are several good guides. I use FFXIV on Wiki for most things. The problem with the guides is that the game is being rewritten as we talk. The guides were mostly written in 2010 when many details were very different. Some things in the guides don't work. Still, they will get you going.
Crafting is done anywhere except in your "hotel" room. The rooms are still in development and don't do much. Maybe by Christmas the rooms will provide the same kind of support in FFXI. You go to the Market Ward in any city, or go to the many market stands in the cities and check out what they offer. Several vendors will offer various tools. You need a pickax to mine, a needle to weave, and a hatchet to log. Secondary skills use a sledgehammer to mine, spinning wheel to weave, and scythe to harvest. The weathered variety is cheapest and works fine. Recipes for crafting are on the internet: Just type in (I use Google search) the item you want to use and you will find various recipes for which that item is used. When you equip a tool, your class changes and if you can craft with that tool in your main hand you will see a message in your menu which you can click on to start crafting.
Follow the instructions the game gives you of things you need to do. Open your menu and open Journal to see tasks you need to do. If you do the starting tasks, the game leads you through a bunch of help menus as you do new things. The in game help is pretty good.
Now, what is different, as compared to FFXI... If you played FFXI a lot you had time to get used to the strange way the cities were laid out and how it was sometimes hard to find quest givers... and remember who gave you the quest in the first place. The Journal makes keeping track of what you are doing easier. Mobs in FFXI were more chaotic than what I have seen in FFXIV... Levelling up is more straight forward and changing classes is easy, but then most people rarely changed classes in FFXI. FFXIV is bigger, prettier, smoother... even with some minor problems that Square-Enix is fixing. Events in FFXIV are similar in some ways to WOW, but I got the feeling in WOW that everything was too easy. The whole item thing is different, with hundreds of items and hundreds of weapons and clothing bits. The crystal, materia, catalyst system is new. The possibility that you can build your own hold is supposed to be out this year. The monsters all have personalities. There is an ambiance in FFXIV that is very nice. Much more developed than XI.

Hope this answers your questions. Good gaming... David
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In the adventure's guild there is a vendor (appears on the mini-map as a small item bag). Once you find the person, you can buy any starter weapon or tool for any class.

Once you have a crafting tool, you will get a top menu, and mini menu option to Synthesize. Choose that to begin crafting.

Zam has a good collection of the crafts, as does lodestone.

You can also go to lodestone to find out a lot of information about starting the game, and what options there are. Unfortunately, even Lodestone has fallen behind on some of the information (such as the incapacitation and weapon skill charts the last time I looked were not yet updated).

As for leveling, unfortunately, there is not much up in the way of leveling guides anymore. Mobs have moved, difficulties have changed (it is no longer Wack-a-Coblyn). But, if you just leave any town, and fight your way to the Right, you should be good to level 30. (the first area gets you from 1-10, and you move to the 10-20 as you get to the next camp. Then if you go into the dungeon there, you can go from 20-30. But, for now, to find the best mobs, I would recommend just going around and looking for mobs 1-5 levels above you while soloing and see what you can find.
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Thanks guys, this answers enough questions to get me started. I appreciate the help.
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