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#1 Apr 30 2012 at 4:56 PM Rating: Default
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How do classes work in this game compared to subjos in ffxi
#2 Apr 30 2012 at 5:57 PM Rating: Good
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Not even close.

Untill you reach the point where you're using 'jobs' there really is no distinctive "Subjob"

What you have is certain abilities that you lean from leveling other Classes, that are available to all Classes of that catagory. As you level, the number of outside abilities you can use grows to a cap at 50.

As a JOB, you can only use abilities from 2 other Classes.

Example: A Lancer can equip abilities from Conjurer such as Cure. However, a Dragoon, cannot, as they are restrictd to only using sharable abilities from Archer and Pugilist.

In summary:

Classes have some abilities that can be shared, and can equip abilities that are sharable from other Classes.
Jobs have abilities that are unique only to that Job, and can only equip abilities from two specific Classes of those available.
#3 Apr 30 2012 at 6:40 PM Rating: Default
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Thx that's good to hear. Having lvl multi jobs was one othe reasons I left ffxi
#4 Apr 30 2012 at 8:33 PM Rating: Default
one of the reasons u left xi? lolololololol prolly the biggest reason no1 invited u to do ****, cuz u only had like war or something stupid. be versatile!
#5 Apr 30 2012 at 11:37 PM Rating: Excellent
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TaggerungJuskarath wrote:
one of the reasons u left xi? lolololololol prolly the biggest reason no1 invited u to do sh*t, cuz u only had like war or something stupid. be versatile!

Leaving a game because it doesn't suit your style of play makes a lot more sense than conforming to the style of a game you don't enjoy. That goes for any game really, not just FFXI. I don't see the need for ridicule here.
#6 May 01 2012 at 2:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Thx that's good to hear. Having lvl multi jobs was one othe reasons I left ffxi

Then better turn around and run away as fast as you can. In FFXIV, you are expected to
level a minimum of 4 classes to 50 to be able to switch to a certain class for certain fights.
(You are allowed to change jobs on the fly, so people will expect you to do it appropriately).

Also, you are able to combine most abilities from all classes (and the abilities from two
other "subjob" classes when playing a certain job), so even to play a single job effectively,
you will be required to level 3 of them. That's the downside of the "armoury system". Some
people love this system for it's flexibility, others hate it for it's unlimited potential for an endless
grind of jobs you are not interested in just to be able to play the one you *are* interested in
at the peak of it's performance. For the couple of minutes per dungeon where this job is
considered most effective, that is, hahaha!

Sad story, bro. Hopefully, they will eventually find a solution that everyone can live with.

Edited, May 1st 2012 4:45am by Rinsui
#7 May 01 2012 at 7:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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Two things that destroy the above argument.

First, the expectation to have multiple combat jobs leveled is simply not true. That is the elitist fringe speaking in assumption for the majority. While it is helpful to have more than one class leveled, it's simply not required by most groups for most circumstances. Things like Primal Fights - which capture the limelight of attention right now, keep you focused into one fight, and therefore you cannot change jobs in the middle of it. Only in long term instanced dungeon raids does job swapping become even possible, and even then the habit isn't insisted upon because many players view it as a loophole SE may fix in the future.

Second, while you have to level other classes to gain the abilities they share, there needs to be something stressed here - leveling is dirt easy to do now. Whether it's from doing Leves solo with resting bonuses, to XP parties, to even just running around a bunch of aggressive mobs while your BLM friend blows them up and gives you boatloads of EXP, this idea of "Oh my god I have to spend FOREVER leveling classes I HATE. Just to get an ability I HAVE to have." is hogwash.

Jobs narrow that field down to two ulterior classes that you won't even have to level to full to get the important abilities you can use under them. And you'll find the leveling experience far, far different than FFXI to begin with.

A side note though, if you liked or disliked crafting, and gathering, you may want to take a fresh look at the Disciples of Land and Hand classes, as they've changed the was those are done from their iconic "Plot 90 crafts, come back in a half hour." style of other mmos. You may like it, you may not.

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