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How fast to level now?Follow

#1 May 01 2012 at 11:43 AM Rating: Good
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I haven't played this game in months and I have just been letting the updates come out, 1.22 I decided to jump back in and play again. I started during launch but decided I really didn't want to rush up to 50 and not have anything to do, but now with all the content there is I would like to get some of my classes up to 50. How fast is leveling up these days? I've read that it is super fast and you can get to 50 in a weekend or something silly...Also is soloing still an option and where are some good leveling spots both for solo and group...just point me in the right direction to some guides and I would be grateful. Thanks!

#2 May 01 2012 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
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super fast refers to being power leveled

solo leveling is still fairly fast, can expect a level every hour or two if you have leve's built up (they build up to 99 I think over time if you do not do them for a while) or are particularly efficient at grinding away.
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#3 May 01 2012 at 9:46 PM Rating: Good
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How fast or how slow is dependent on what you want to do. It can be super fast if you get someone to PL you. It can be reasonably fast if you do it like the old days as in solo leve or XP party. It can be slow for people who want to leisurely exploring at their own pace. Finally it can be unbearable for people who only want to level up through questing, because this it not what FFXIV is >_>

#4 May 04 2012 at 10:19 AM Rating: Excellent
Sadly getting to 50 is not hard at all. Anyone can do it. PL is quickest. Party next and then solo. Even at L45+ doing levequests is very quick. I wish SE didn't allow PL as it would make those of us who actually worked hard to get classes to 50 feel like our hard effort was worth something, as it is our hard work meant nothing. Many people who start the game now often have at least one Level50 class/job within a week and have AF in that same time frame. I'm not complaining about people getting level 50's quickly - I would do the same if I had just started. It's just that (please excuse me doing this) in FFXI leveling actually was a tough thing and hitting level 75 (that was the cap when I played) felt like such an achievement. I honestly challenge anyone who has hit L50 in FFXIV in the past 6 months to say they have been truly challenged....
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#5 May 04 2012 at 10:25 AM Rating: Good
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I refuse to do PL... though I may eventually resort to it on the casting classes, as bard is about as close as I like to play those.

For me as a very casual player, leveling is about right. It's kinda to fast in some spots and waaaaaay to slow in others. However with only an hour or two to play per day randomly during the week and the random marathon session I gain between 1-3 levels solo via leves or 2-5 levels in a party once past 30. Parties below 30 take a bit more time to populate, but are still viable. Once you hit 45ish you'll speed through levels as you can join in the end game content with friends, help farm current end game items like totems or tapers for really quick XP, or spiritbond equipment parties.
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#6 May 05 2012 at 9:51 AM Rating: Good
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I solo, doing Leves. Keeping up on the levels and taking time to do local quests and keep my resting bonus up. And without food I manage to pretty much get a level with each round or two of Leves.

Currently 41 and it's been a fairly smooth ride.
#7 May 07 2012 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I decided to create a Conjuror for the Spriggan Egg quest thing (Scrambled Eggs) and leveled to 50 today. I have brought all my crafts and gatherers (Miner, Botanist, Fisher) up to level 22 or so in this same time. Dedicated levelling is easy. I leveled from 40 to 50 in about 16 hours with a couple of quests thrown in.
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