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•[dev1403] Hamlet defense battles have been added to the following locations.

Hamlet Location
Aleport Western La Noscea (12,23)
The Golden Bazaar Eastern Thanalan (38,19)

•[dev1404] The following requirement has been added for party members entering the Howling Eye:
Accepted the quest "In for Garuda Awakening" and defeated Garuda.
* This revision allows players who have defeated Garuda to participate in the Howling Eye even if they have not completed the abovementioned quest.
•[dev1405] Alchemists can now accept the sidequest "Waking the Spirit."

•[dev1406] Parties with one or more members synthesizing, gathering, mounted, seated, or in active mode can no longer commence content such as instanced raids, primal battles, and hamlet defense.

•[dev1407] Several new items have been added.

View the details.

* The soiled promissory note item will be used in a quest scheduled for release in 1.22b or later.

•[dev1408] New synthesis recipes have been added.
•The following alchemy recipes have been added:

Item Material Crystal
Maddening Dagger Brass Dagger
Maddening Potion
Clove Oil Water Shard x4
Lightning Shard x3

•New high-difficulty recipes have been added.
View the details.
•[dev1409] Additions have been made to the list of items available in exchange for company seals.

Name Category Description
On the Properties of Beastmen Key Item A text distributed by the Grand Companies of Eorzea explaining the various physical and physiological properties of the realm's beastmen.

•[dev1410] Vendor NPCs have been added.

Hamlet NPC Location
Aleport Uchtred Western La Noscea (12,23)
The Golden Bazaar Seserikku Eastern Thanalan (38,19)

•The following hamlet defense items have been renamed to alleviate confusion:

Before After
Indigo Herring Young Indigo Herring
Kidney Ore Light Kidney Ore
Spruce Branch Supple Spruce Branch

•[dev1411] The new method for indicating which gear types can be enhanced by certain materia, introduced in patch 1.22, is now supported by the item search feature.

•[dev1412] Actions set in the action bar layout interface will now appear underscored in the following manner:
Current class/job: orange underscore
Additional actions: blue underscore
•[dev1413] The following configuration options have been added:

•Display Names
•Display/hide settings for each category.
HP Bar
•“Cut” button
Cut information in the selected macro.
•“Clear” button
Delete information in the selected macro.
•[dev1414] The sort button has been added to the expeditionary mission and hamlet provisioning interfaces.

•[dev1415] The query prompt that appears when attempting to leave an airship landing has been revised.

•[dev1416] Hamlet vendor NPCs are now marked as shops on the map.

•[dev1417] Battle music has been changed for the following areas:
Mistbeard Cove / Cassiopeia Hollow / The Mun-Tuy Cellars / The Tam-Tara Deepcroft / Nanawa Mines / Copperbell Mines
•[dev1418] The activation and cancellation sound effects for the following actions have been changed:
Swiftsong / Minuet of Rigor / Ballad of Magi / Paeon of War
•[dev1419] Players who qualify for the Legacy Campaign will now see the Legacy logo at the upper left corner of the character selection screen.

View the details of the Legacy Campaign.

•[dev1420] Players can now specify the destination directory for screenshots in FINAL FANTASY XIV Config » General Settings » Graphics.

Fixed Bugs
•The following bugs have been fixed:

•An issue with the Howling Eye (Hard) wherein Garuda did not perform her Aerial Blast attack even when her HP had fallen to a certain level.
•An issue wherein certain graphics were incorrect for the quest "In for Garuda Awakening (Gridania)."
•An issue with hamlet defense wherein players were not being recognized as top-twenty provisioners.
•An issue wherein certain hamlet defense messages were incorrect.
•An issue with hamlet defense wherein examining a pot of humours with no inventory space led to a reduction in points.
•An issue with hamlet defense evaluation wherein the condition "All Three Disciples of the Land Present" was not recognized unless all participants were Disciples of the Land.
* Only one of each of the three classes need be present for the condition to be fulfilled.

•An issue wherein the dialog for certain hamlet defense NPCs was incorrect.
•An issue with hamlet defense wherein the background graphic for certain notification interfaces was not displaying as intended.
•An issue wherein players need only wait five minutes to reattempt hamlet defense after abandoning their duty.
* The correct waiting time is 15 minutes.

•An issue with hamlet defense wherein the sleep ability employed by Disciples of the Land was affecting the beastman leader.
•An issue with hamlet defense battles wherein Disciples of the Hand/Land would involuntarily switch to active mode when they use Stone Throw against an enemy.
•An issue with hamlet defense battles wherein Disciple of the Hand/Land abilities that lift enmity did not take effect until the enemy NPC Sazel Ciloc the Divine appeared.
•An issue wherein monsters in certain areas did not behave as intended.
•An issue wherein targeted characters would appear highlighted even when the Target Highlight option is toggled off.
•An issue wherein the display names of certain NPCs would be shown even though display is toggled off in the configuration menu.
•An issue wherein the HP bar was not appearing on the display names of certain characters such as caravan security chocobos.
•An issue wherein the confirmation box would not appear when attempting to convert an untradable item into materia.
•An issue wherein pop-up help was not showing for the materia melding icon in the micro menu.
•An issue wherein the rested status icon was accompanied by a countdown timer.
•An issue wherein materia melding requests could not be made within an inn room.
•An issue wherein an item would appear to still be in the armoire even though it had already been retrieved.
•An issue wherein materia melding requests could not be made while mounted.
•An issue with the input prompt for the Double Down command wherein waiting too long caused the Finish command to be carried out regardless of what option is chosen.
•An issue wherein players did not receive an error message when attempting to dispatch a retainer to an area that has already reached capacity.
•An issue wherein certain text commands did not function as intended.
•An issue wherein examining certain aetherial gates caused the client to crash.
•An issue wherein logging out via the inn bed while switched to first-person camera resulted in graphics showing incorrectly upon logging back in.
•An issue wherein there were no sound effects for doors and lifts in Ul’dah.
•An issue wherein there were no sound effects for campfires in the East Shroud.
•An issue wherein incorrect items were being sold by the Ul’dah NPC W'nhalki.

Known Issues
•An issue with the Target Highlight configuration option wherein highlight brightness is incorrect.
•An issue wherein the recast timer may not function correctly when an action is performed.

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I'm interested in hearing the new dungeon battle music. That Behest music in there did not fit.
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