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Speak ENG/JP and do/want to live in Japan? SE is hiringFollow

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The English Localization Team Wants YOU! (05/2012)

Do you find yourself gazing into the cavernous depths of troubled souls with your all-seeing single eye? Do you wake up groggy with blood on your horns, not knowing who you gored the previous night? Do you cuddle up to unsuspecting passers-by, only to sink your razor-sharp teeth deep into their ankles for 1,600 points of damage? Then maybe you’re a voidsent...and maybe you can join us!

The FINAL FANTASY XIV development team’s resident creatures from beyond the aether (also known as the EN Localization Team) are looking to strengthen their clan. If you have ever dreamed of working as a Japanese-to-English translator for Square Enix, now is your chance! Take a gander at the requirements below and see if you qualify. Then, follow the banner link to the Square Enix recruitment page...and see if you really qualify!


- A firm but loving grasp of the English language
Do you wield the centuries-old lexicon like a snake-fearing archaeologist wields a whip? Is your wit as sharp as a Tonberry knife after a few hours on the whetstone? Do your turn-ons include semicolons, gerunds, and Is before Es (except after Cs)?

- Mad Japanese skillz (JLPT1 or the equivalent)
Can you read and comprehend (un-rubied) Japanese text at a speed comparable to that at which you read English (and not have your brain asplode)? Do you eat 25-stroke kanji for breakfast? Do the ninjas in your dreams speak to you in haiku?

- A penchant for high fantasy
Do you enjoy fantasy of all shapes and forms? Is there a place on your mantle for spiky yellow-haired figurines as well as a bloodied Norse warhammer? Can you appreciate a toothless crone weaving hexes in a rainy swamp as much as you can a plucky, bespectacled heroine flying her fuzzy dragon to a castle in the clouds?

- Currently living in Japan (or possess the get-up-and-go needed to get up and go to Japan)
Does your heart start to race when packed into a rush hour train with 11,000,000 sweaty, hung-over businessmen? Do you dream of cherry petals falling slowly from hoary sentinels...onto the thinning pates of 11,000,000 businessmen? Is 180 square feet of tatami-lined luxury all the space you need to survive as long as you have instant access to endless streets lined with sushi bars and yoga studios?

- An undying love for FINAL FANTASY XIV
Do you often forget important dates such as your parents’ birthdays, but can remember when the Eorzean Alliance was formed? Can you translate Merlwyb well as pronounce it? Can you name all the scalekin native to the Coerthas eastern lowlands...from lowest level to highest? Okay, neither can we, but you get the picture!

If you made it this far and are still thinking, “Hey! That sounds like me!” then you’ve passed the first test! Click on the spiffy banner below and ride the aether over to our official recruitment page. There, you will discover additional information on position requirements, as well as directions on how to submit your application.
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I never thought I'd see the day Square-Enix hired former Blizzard community managers (because that's seriously the tone I see here)!
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Mmmm sweaty businessmen...

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I fit all the requirements more or less, but I already have plans. I'm sure there are lots of people who could do a much better job than me anyway.

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