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BRD vs ARCFollow

#1 May 18 2012 at 12:59 AM Rating: Good
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I was interested in playing a ranged class, much like the Ranger in FFXI. After doing some research I find that BRD (the advanced job for ARC) had only access to THM and CNJ abilities. Is there such thing as maining ARC where i can use abilities from other classes like LNC (Blood for Blood / Invigorate) or is having the new abilities as a BRD worth sacrificing those abilities?
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BRD can almost keep up with ARC in the damage department, but BRD is more usefull all around and is one of the few Jobs that excells at the low level solo stuff (the rest are a struggle without 2nd wind and curing abilities). For a party situation in my experience, BRD>ARC damage is close and the benefits to the part are greater.
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Awesome, thanks for the info.
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