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Next Live Event for the 7th Umbral Age startedFollow

#1 May 31 2012 at 9:33 AM Rating: Excellent
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It looks like that with the update yesterday, the next quest in the 7th Umbral Age has started.

I still haven't figured it out yet, but as far as I have gotten is:
I talked to the person in Ul'dah (standing by the stairs next to the Adv. Guild towards the Aetherite Plaza).
He then directs you to find a person in a cave North and West of Bentbranch.
After I left Ul'dah, I went north to the section of the map that dead-ends (not towards the path to CC), and on the West wall there was a cave.
I spoke to the man there, and he proceeded to give a dire warning about things to come, and took a faded page.
I then went back and talked to the man in Ul'dah, and he thanked me for telling him of what transpired, and then kept repeating himself.
I also heard a person in Limsa (just north and to the right of the Adv Guild), and spoke to them. They also thanked me for telling them of the events with the man in the cave.

I checked lodestone, and I have not yet received a new achievement, so I don't think I am done (as well, I haven't received a reward).
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That has been going on since 1.22 ish. Urianger randomly pops between Humblehearth, some area in Ul'dah, and some area in Limsa. You need to talk back to the NPC after turning in the Faded Page to get the Lodestone Achievement.
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