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Tried the BETA two years ago and was NOTHING close to FFXI (I was a long time FFXI player all the way till good ways into the Treasure of something expansion...) ... Been hearing people talked about FFXIV has improved, decided to give a try again...

The start of the beginning is STILL unfriendly as I remembered from BETA. With little-to-no guidance on what to do next... There is one main story quest to follow I guess, so I just did that... But that lead to the problem...

I started as a Disciple of the Hand (BSM) because i really loved the crafting system. And that just makes the problem of trying to progress in level dramatically more difficult. The only attack I had was throw stone, but I know that's the not the way to level. So I am suppose to do Leves... but with 8 Leves a day, That is going to make leveling strictly as a BSM snail pace... Ok, so you are suppose to grind other recipes, but where do I get the funds? Where are the recipes...? It's all so confusing (maybe overwhelming is more of the right word)...

So I guess I'll have to do some mob killing to earn them some "coins". But where can I get a job change? where can I buy a weapon? I purchased the game via a Amazon's digital download. There was no manuals, no explanation... I am really at a lost here. Can somebody point me to the right direction? I really want to like this game as I love the music, character, and the setting, but the system is still as confusing as I remembered two years ago.

Although I remembered FFXi was about the same, but that was like 10 years ago. I'd think the intro would of included a better tutorial or something to help new players navigate through this world better....

Let's not talk about the mouse lag and clunky menu (which I am sort of used to from FFXI). I still haven't found a way to navigate the tabs in the sub menu (like inventory, i can tab through the end, but tabbing doesn't let me cycle through the tabs... ???) without using a mouse.

So here is my most urgent question, how can I go about changing into a Disciple of War/Magic if I started as a Desciple of the Hand so I can actually get some crystals/materials/gil for crafting...? I really wish there was a complete chain of events that allows a player to do strictly the non-combat Disciplines, that'd be really neat.
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I think you would benefit from going to lodestone (google it) and taking a look at the new player guide.

When you're done with that go to mooglebox (google that as well) for crafting info and abilities etc...

If you want to be a specific class you will have to buy its weapon, you can do that from the Inn counter at each of the main cities, for gil do battle leves, you get like 99 now and they refill quickly.

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First of all, tyw214: Welcome to the forums, and thank you for posting. It is the feedback of newcomers like you
that is most valuable for judging the success of the new development team. I sincerely urge you to post your
questions on the official forums as well.

The complete lack of *any* sort of in-game documentation for beginners (e.g., a quick in-game tutorial menu that
lets you select topics like "where do I buy weapons" or "how do I change jobs") is something that hopefully will be
corrected with the 2.0 launch.

For now, I recommend you to do two things. First, check the NPC shops in your starter city (they are marked on the
map; attention, Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa have two levels). One of them should sell starter (Level 1) weapons and
tools for every job, usually in the 300-500 Gil range. Once you equip that weapon/tool, you will change to the respective
class (but I guess you figured out that yourself already).

Second, I have some possibly unpleasant news for you. While in theory it is still possible to reach Level 50 with just crafting,
the concept of "every class will be able to experience the full storyline" has been officially canned 6 months ago. As such,
you will ultimately have to level a Warrior or Mage type class anyway. The good news is that the materials and crystals you
accumulate while fighting can directly be used to craft, or sold to buy the crafting materials you need. Just focusing on only
crafting will (in my opinion) possibly take longer than leveling a warrior/mage class alongside the crafting class of your choice.

But I may be mistaken, and if anyone here tells you otherwise, listen to them.

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