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#1 Jun 05 2012 at 7:29 AM Rating: Default
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I recently started back up with my wife after playing about two years ago. We have both taken up THM/CON and after reahcing level 17 I realized I dont have half the spells I once had, bio gravity, phantom dart etc. I tried looking this all up but there seem to be no links on how to obtain them. I had them all once before and cannot remember them being this difficult to understand how to get or at least figure out myself without having to ask how to get them.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Most of the skills were changed and added to the new jobs. This is a list of THM current skills:
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That was helpful and explained a lot. What about gravity, slow, poison barb etc have they been removed?

Edit: Ok I see they removed a lot of stuff and added the additional effect to some of the remaining spells...
I thought they were supposed to be "improving" the game? ; ;

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They "wowified" it if you will; blizzaga is now "frost nova" in other mmos: instant cast, AoE centered on caster with a bind component.

The Fire line is always AoE, the thunder line is single-target damage with a choice of increased damage or stun effect, depending on your needs, things like that.

It's not bad at all once you figure out the concept behind it, but it certainly needs some adaptation if you expect to find banish/scourge and other oldschool spells :P

And **** them mobs, who still use all the former THM spells...!
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