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big article today on FamitsuFollow

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From Aveline on lodestone
There was a big article today on Famitsu but I have no idea what it says. T_T

• Newborn 'FFXIV' three pillars
Already reported as ( → here ), 6/5 would be the first day of E3, Square Enix MMORPG ( multi-user simultaneous participation type RPG ), newborn ' final fantasy XIV' (,FFXIV' ' ) about of information published. Following this, producer Naoki Yoshida and dared the interview to the Director in the Square Enix booth. Asked to delve into the newborn Yoshida think 'FFXIV'.

▲ Yoshida told a special booth. It was indeed getting good, tense and hot on the first day, so the narrative.
• Newborn 'FFXIV' three pillars
--Is egregiously information updated 8 months since that is the rebirth ofFFXIV' conscious PlayStation 3 version? what stuff.

Mr. Naoki Yoshida ( hereafter, Yoshida ) of course. Attention all over the world gather for more information now and forgo the next opportunity, E3, has updated the ひさびさ information. We report on the current situation. For the PlayStation 3 version, specifically new customers tries to enter straight from the place "of エオルゼア (it is the stage of the adventure) is what world?", but has written to the “ producer letter ” because that thought for our customers, from zero promotion, infrequent updating official site in the promotion site also first really from the beginning, I hope.

--In addition to the many new player relies on the expectations, we appeal to you existing players?

The Yoshida existing player you I enjoy at an angle to public information, and our new "different here, and also here in different, here together, I" is and. But still this title is a latest installment of 'FF', and told that the number of numbered title thoroughly "just because a MMO, harder like it is", and "talk about it based on the Government is going. Specifically say, I also development staff also Square Enix promotes development under the three pillars for this newborn 'FFXIV'. Suffice to say in words descriptive of the three pillars, the first's "best gameplay". “ Main story felt 'FF' ”, and third is second to brighten up the best story and best gameplay of “ best graphics ”.

▲ new character make screen. Has been a makeup's ミコッテ, emergence of new tribes men in the newborn.
Best gameplay??
--What would a “ best gameplay think Buchanan, ”?

Is true for Yoshida standalone 'FF', think 'FF' top priority in the RPG is more first battle. Just say to theFFXIV' ' PlayStation 3 game consoles from we'll enhance the fun made safe when their fans 'FF' legacy that experienced customer and MMOPRG touches and standard frontage in. MMORPG took the cooperation with various players, not the language of the system leading to any player not approved, party play, because it does not contain high action and esoteric systems. From think again'FFthief game. So in the main story, sushi, player characters and NPC ties and ties of the players out there. We hammered, incorporate mechanisms of cooperation "with the intention, 'FFXI' in the player to fight further entirely new system not seen in other MMORPG named"バトルレジメン enhanced"battle. Home delivery system is the Kiri no MMORPG, so also started to include game system utilizing the moogle-for example and the world to live for myself, "housing" or such, so that gameplay enjoy anything without stress in the game world feeling 'FF' overlending to. Also in 'FF' series in the authentic meaning there is a PVP fight players first and as the player. Believe those various mechanisms, want to fight at the world standards level. Watchwords of these game systems and all content is "trying to provide the best gameplay! "It will lead to the pillars.

▲ Courier moogle characters. Image of the font somewhat changed from the last time the announcement. "More readable in all languages we support, is closer as possible on the 'A series of recent FFXIII', has also located as a sense of security and a series ( Yoshida )."
-Level of the world standards and what do you think?

Yoshida is first of all user interface. Also are good for any system or content the user interface is bad, no longer will demonstrate the is 100 percent proficiency. Customer and think it can play without stress in speaking in the PC version, world's largest MMORPG called 'World of Warcraft', as seen in the user interface has become common languages now have terms absolute and PlayStation 3 version, never touched MMORPG's I can play in the sense of home video game consoles for the customer user interface should be dedicated to prepared and. Because world standard level beginning such part, “ matching ” function, introducing people Susa game after that, recruit party members to stress is not intended to have a party that organized automatic mechanism anytime ","コンテンツファインダー"because I and part of 挑める the content, without the search for content easily.

--Is the story of rose at Shinsei "FFXIV' announcement. What is the aim of all time is realized.

Yes, Yoshida functionally isn't it. So I it's the minimum starting line.

--There is conscious of its players are playing, especially traditional game consoles?

Is a term many MMOROG anyway Yoshida , must 覚えなきゃ Yama as have games, so the opening of this game is learning anyway thorough tutorial. Not too systematic, play the game so that when we clear every single quest that ask, each remembers you. I'm actually putting force most now in the development field is there time? One other, believe a system called the "To Do". Not must know after logged in I also has played on MMORPG from the old days of Ultima Online , can they do? what is it sounds. Is even it is in interest of the log in the rebirth ofFFXIV"," today featured the quest because it only if? "It's unusual workings that featured"Hey play then why not?"are game systems, is the content near the current location of the player. Let me confirm that featured as “ To Do ” in your good and refuses to "today is different things do you want" it says is free. I will 迷わなく a priority on what was presented, to the.

--"Getting lost" is one of the keywords.

Yoshida isn't it. I is the communication party is 組めない, not sure what good the intern works well as a factor which 続けなく the MMORPG in the first three months, has been to eliminate State of lonesome, early as possible for players from the game consoles you best be kana.

▲ Dragon Knights vs. クアール. Continuous party member information, top left are, from the intention of "mode when thought the convenience of macros can be fixed member positions available are is" ( Yoshida ). Can be devised, such as always to the members 6 casters. There is also lined with members from the head in normal mode. Incidentally enemy names become katakana in the country. Right Center's announcements from the system. To Do quests name is displayed.

▲ new dullahan versus Knight.

▲ focus on the Hotbar during play to select the action one is vertically. Place, position, including free PC version to be located. Customize power would looks screen is wide. Extent possible but also the PlayStation 3 version gamepad mode is completely different UI. And here have called “ クロスホットバー ” that those who can. Icon indicating the job of party members under the brunt of attacks enemies with initials such as Tank role, Healer, Attacker and Caster ( hostile = Haight ) is whether anyone now to ensure meter thread. This is one of Yoshida's world standard strategy.
Best story??
--Second was “ felt 'FF' main storyline".

Yoshida Yes. 'FF' is a RPG in the MMORPG previously, so a scenario with one felt 'FF' to the story line, and Moreover all players fight the big enemy goal while 突っ走れる is required. Neither scenario sushi, the character unlikely. So is high quality cut scenes. And after that, Chocobo datsu moogle, or summon beast is probably want keyword seems to be 'FF' said during the game thoroughly. Some wants andFFXIV' ' to be a fanservice title as a policy in my think. 'FF25th anniversary this year, includeFFXIV' ' and the number 14 may for example gained "Crystal Tower" that while Shinsei 'FFXIV' content. This is the name of the place appeared inFFIII' ' as you know. And want you to enjoy and to reproduce the element was a series of 'FF' so far,FFXIV' ' graphics and worldview in the quite deliberately has incorporated. It is also part of non-common language compared to the ' Dragon Quest ' lustful'FF. ' Dragon Quest ' is there clarity slime that speaking of the first enemy, said the first enemy of 'FF' and only once was the Goblin so have not gotten that terms such as. In the meantime, State is a title that expand over 25 years, so 'FF' fans are in each generation, and around the world. People in different countries ifFFXIV' ' are making such generations, microsound title, so for example known appearing in the newborn isFFVI' ' design almost, or I think I think conversation bouncing into the old title, various world can contain. For example, ivalice or world ofFFXIII' ' or ". I want to take them in the form of the uniqueFFXIV' '. In that sense, it's ファンサービスタイトル. I think good would be appreciated there also fun as one of the axis, a. I'm coming into the essence of what title would and follows it.

▲ rising atmosphere different little current and also texture image job "warrior". It's genuine good ranged attacks at attackers.

Impressive is the shadow of the forest Dragon Knights and Chocobo ▲ two shot.

▲ actions during black Mage. Effect of also been redesigned new engine.
--Shinsei is settled by the existing story after story, what would be what?

Is Yoshida existing story end to a bit tricky so it would like to thank to this destination and enjoy adventures and are anticipating to try to dominate in story straight to newborn エオルゼア banshin Empire forces encounter, in earnest the battle was turned, and they settled with them so far is great theme first. Another one is axis 2 book so summon beasts called 蛮 GodFFXIV' ' the world scenarios in will stake closely, it is. In the meantime, is it being talked as side stories or the incident called the “ soul 7 of fire"and what was the story. Your existing player, everyone will participate in the newborn also change chase the truth whether it is it in the new world of keyword of “ soul 7 of fire"that the current story is left, what was it. Rather than "never not touching it to the current version, can't play, I enjoy a new story from the same starting line. New characters not present main story appeared so please enjoy.

▲ satellite ダラガブ No. 7 spirits fire key. Even after the 7 spirits fire shines mysteriously air?
Best graphics??
--Look at the published image, also what that impression has changed greatly, any changes are actually made?

It has changed greatly Yoshidaいちばん is real-time shadows and lighting. After that uses an engine that specialized in 'FFXIVis a MMORPG "is great. I are involved from concept rendering engine. Design based on the thought that first to display number of players often,. Considering further the game running under various circumstances, such as a high spec PC, barrage, PC, PlayStation 3, **** is a highly customizable engines. There is a part of the game consoles, so and not left to the player controls just PlayStation 3 can also set that even from the person from processing a good heavy for the PC too beautiful I want to play lower LOD and the level of detail drawing away anyway setting high quality light play.

--The published image is what PC?

Yoshida isn't it. More about another 15 percent grade. This engine is characterized by thoughts that seem cameras come near a character perfectly, beautifully in the hard. This means that when you come camera aspects of suboptimal screen occupancy of the anime, dares to anime, like don't show a lot, take a screenshot myself and. In this case, including PlayStation 3, and not inferior to see who in the any hard. Slight texture resolutions fall by the environment, such reasonable distance of LOD shrink would not and since then I believe, which of course softened around the process, see the real busy playing or still images, almost know the difference.

• Roadmap is?
--Newborn information is because exposed this E3 succession starting with the guess.

Yoshida present state is the State that barely has running in on schedule. I started alpha testing in addition to that I want to start a full-scale, vertical start of promotion in August, around late September. Then the alpha test is put between the time you want to start beta test at will, how determined time or server stability by such, detailed. When you are making the moves in accordance with the schedule, also don't know what eventually would take the feedback portion. If there is a professional, so we also schedule preferred that of course, compromise the gameplay fun factor, no matter how such high quality and so has I had a scenario cry no matter how even the graphics do not play, I want to spend time gameplay feedback I hope. But beforehand of course there is the feedback period sounds.

--Everyone thinks and want to participate in testing in PlayStation 3 players participate from anywhere possible??

Yoshida download format, while you shipped to you client will participate in the latter half of the beta test. Official service period is not yet specifically, as soon as possible and of course how it is. I I think and the beta test starts, you guys quite a player touched to the rebirth ofFFXIVheight potential rebirth of the idea. I have after the start at how MMORPG even bump into the content issue. Read set well for high level band under circumstances are a lot better the difficult especiallyFFXIV' ' currently being cancer at LV50 content content for low level band also heck from so far and do not release do not have, so even battle time and I wonder if.

--Ask people have been looking forward toFFXIV' ' word.

Probably sees reputation Yoshida various NET, that have been heard, again best gameplay, best story, best graphics as the latest installment of 'FF' and participating.

--Thank you. At the last minute. Potential Xbox 360 in c?

Yoshida So think when, and MMORPG, so should have played more people then I thought as a business any one made many accounts of my job, could not have said. As long as it just 届けない the PlayStation 3 version first to promise you, what say "true? "," What is neonatal works as "and we will concentrate on so it is said, first of all put newborn.

• And... Play real characters!
Able to confirm the PC real moves towards the end of the interview, has been talking it up, actually see newborn 'FFXIV'! Unfortunately taking the screen 適わなかった I want infer reporters received the following report from shock and excitement.

Demo play Yoshida working the Green lush black forest since the start. Shadows in the sunlight through clearly, same height, even clearly different impression and current black forest. Sky high, and wide. And anime forest also has a pressure, working his way had several times the current width.
"Clearly, are walking along the road, but jumping is possible, off the road, turn on to where" Mr. Yoshida. Grass in the side of the road was false from the spotty to have Monster mascot of Spriggan and big mosquitoes, such as Monster チゴー is shade of the trees. Unfortunately was a State not connected to the server is also the venue of E3, monsters who did not moved position, placement is assumed correct. Surprised to have completed so far.

▲ garlean Empire to jump around andriasang. Appear in the beginning of the map as well as AIDS to make the jump?

▲ pay attention above all, Mr. Yoshida was working was the laptop. No doubt lower specs are required than the current threshold.
Soon somewhere in the Black Forest is unknown but is ミコッテ, like guard tower, such as wooden silo facilities prior to arrive. "Whether this erected why such is, this first patch to enjoy" is 焦らさ. Thank you very much out of the グリダニア and the immediate zone is now. Mr. Yoshida was humbly "optimization is still 15 percent" and the power of real-time writing すさまじかった. Because the camera near the anime also naturally falling shadows, even what angle picture would want to take screenshots. Yoshida, while started by pulling the camera quite. Pulled rather than the current cameras. The process adopted in that it want grasp tightly to his hobby. Target marker, easy to see from the sky to the foot of the anime red circle is visible. Black Forest series ends here. Location moves to ザナラーン.

Thank you very much andriasang suburbs like scene, city looks from a distance, familiar no position now that the character. Right in the middle of the Central ザナラーン to hamlet? A small settlement there, never simple-is not. Feel with soft material such as brick stones weathered shall present, at least in the texture of the stone walls, saw the villages of Yoshida said smiling making anime dangling out well. It is obvious to the cobbled streets at the feet.

When approached at the over the hill toward the andriasang jumped into the eyes of a structure. And raised voices. Was previously published maps blueprints would be witnessing to the surprise and come and paranoia was not stop. Are inspiring look at the map to find positions from one piece of a screenshot and "struck the goal there will want to go. Hopefully there are reactions "that expectations for Shinsei rose further words of Mr. Yoshida.

Could not confirm the battle in the premature yet, maps Yoshida stuck on level design team and thoroughly, and walked away from the mockup that was 10 minutes more than presentiment of new 'FFXIV'.

Below is a image art published. In the series, familiar what appeared from the newborn often!

▲ the former armor nurses dedicated equipment design. The latter dedicated gardening nurse equipment design.

▲ says here's a reward the top content helm....

▲ Top 5 photo's wondering about Fenrir, Ketchum, succubus, テュポーン, ティアマット, and black forest by Odin. Familiar they become form whether 'FFXIV' series?

▲ named Chocobo Ranch facility. Passengers other than the possibility of bleeding.

▲ gate guard around the グリダニア, or water village etc. Events and content would be utilized.

Sorry guys/girls this is best i could get from babel fish

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