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Healer/Buffer vs Paladin?Follow

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I am sorry if this has been discussed but I could not find it.
Basically I was a Paladin in FFXI a while ago
since then I played some other online game (PWI) and was more of a Cleric/Healer type

I cannot find many information on the new jobs unlockable like Paladin or White Mage in FF14 for the moment
I am just starting the game and I would like to know how to get to those both jobs

For instance in FFXI becoming paladin lvl 70 requested:
Warrior to lvl 18 > Monk to 18 > Warrior to lvl 36 > Paladin unlock then level up to 70
or something like that

So what would be good path for both jobs (Paladin and White Mage)?
Also with all those new jobs, maybe some other jobs would be better?
Basically in a team I will to protect and heal/buff, I prefer defence over offence

I just pre-ordered the game, should be with me in few days so looking forward to some replies so I can start well

Thank you very much

Polite discussion only please :)
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Requirement for PLD: Gladiator lvl 30 and Conjurer lvl 15.
Requirement for WHM: Conjurer lvl 30 and Gladiator lvl 15.
Attribute for Healing Magic: Mind
Attribute for Enhancement (Buff) Magic: Vitality

PLD can use Stoneskin, Protect and Sacred Prism from Conjurer for Buff. PLD has his own buff/heal skill like Rampart, Divine Veil (only buff regenerate on nearby allies when another person cast Heal on PLD in Divine Veil status) and Holy Succor (acts pretty much like Cura, except that if PLD use Holy Succor on allies, he also recover 50% of healed Hp on himself). PLD can use Raise, but it's not as effective as WHM/Conjurer.

On top of Stoneskin, Protect, Sacred Prism, Cure, WHM can use Prescene of Mind to almost instant cast and negate cool down on any spell. WHM/Conjurer Raise will negate Weakness effect on allies raised. WHM/Conjurer can use Cura (stronger Cure, single target but can be AoE if used with Sacred Prism) and Curaga (AoE Cure). WHM can buff Regen (single target, can be AoE with Sacred Prism) and Esuna (again, single target and only remove ONE debuff).

PLD recover MP through defensive skill, 1. by blocking physical attack during Outmaneuvre 2. by taking damage through Cover when wearing PLD AF body (both the PLD and the person under Cover taking dmg will generate MP for PLD). PLD Relic also give Refresh but that's very very low.

WHM recover MP by standing still in passive mode (you can cast spell in passive mode), by using Blissful Mind and Shroud of Saints (both of which are actually Conjurer's, but CNJ and WHM are the same essentially). Relic WHM also give Refresh but low.

The only other "job" that can buff is Bard.

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Thank you very much for the info.

Since you have all the jobs level up I think you might know:
between paladin and White Mage, which one is:
- the most useful for parties (or the most looked for because of usefulness or rareness)
- the easiest for solo
- the cheapest in equipment cost
- the most "fun" according to your experience if you tried both

and how would you compare Bard in term of solo/party compared to WHM/PLD?

I am sorry for all the question but I like to know this kind of things ^^

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At the moment, PLD is the least in demand in PT.
Soloing wise between WHM and PLD, probably WHM. Soloing EXP though is very easy and any class can do it.
Cheapest, would be WHM. The AF you can get for free serve the purpose.
"Fun" would depends on what you want to do. WHM is a healer/buffer, PLD is a tank that can heal/buff.

BRD is easier to solo than both WHM/PLD while easier to get into pt than PLD. Most of the time you want one BRD in PT for Song buff.

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3,825 posts has lists of quests for jobs and their appropriate NPC per quest
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Thank you very much for your advice.

White Mage it is then :)
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