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Returning to FFXIV, sound the turmpets!Follow

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Now that everyone is done celebrating, what should I do first?

I don't have a chocobo, an advanced job, any materia, or relic gear.

I am a member of a grand company, with provisional status.

I'm torn in so many directions!

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In the event that you don't like running around on foot, I'd suggest getting your goobue mount while you are working on getting your chocobo. They move the same speed, but the goobue is just too damned big. First things first, do the GC quests for the GC you plan on joining permanently and when you officially join up, get your chocobo. This will give you enough seals to get your license and enough to get some gear if you can't find any in the wards. You also may look into joining a LS. You'll need some help with many GC quests and the game is way more enjoyable with other people to play with. Outside of this, you may ask the other people you choose to play with. Usually you'll start doing things that they plan on doing and get help on other stuff as you go.
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Get a chocobo first so you can go around on it to get your advanced jobs. You can also get a Goober mount from the house south of Camp Bloodshore.
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Any neophyte needs a bird before he or she needs anything else, and that's where chocobos come in to play. I don't care if you can't afford to feed it, I don't care if you can't afford to feed yourself, get a licence to ride those yellow monstrosities and whistle it up. A full set of relic weapons comes second.

Well, and, if you take up bard, I'd also recommend staying well away from the turmpet. It's really a terrible instrument, almost as bad as the paino (but thankfully more readily pronounceable than the fltue), and it produces an all around woeful sound. :P

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Sounded! ^.^
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Louiscool wrote:
Now that everyone is done celebrating, what should I do first?

Buckle your seatbelt. This bandwagon is prone to bumpy rides...

What.... you thought I'd waste my leet post on something useful?

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HaibaneRenmei wrote:
30 bucks is almost free

cocodojo wrote:
Its personal preference and all, but yes we need to educate WoW players that this is OUR game, these are Characters and not Toons. Time to beat that into them one at a time.
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Thanks everyone. I got the Goobue, and did the first quest for both Bard and Dragoon.

There are still a few weird quirks that are annoying, but this game has so many more improvements since January, it's insane. I LOVE the combo system, the tweaks to allow you to use set all your class skills, and the change that the jobs make.

When I realized how the class blends two classes together and how well they mesh, like Lnc and Pug both sharing sneak attack-like abilities... I'm in love again haha.

So far though... the bard story is feeling lame, while the Dragoon story instantly pumps you up to be a dragoon.

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