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#1 Jun 13 2012 at 5:06 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hello all!

I am in the process of downloading the update for FFXIV. I have been playing lots of other MMO's in the past years and could not really find one to settle in with. I've also been reading a lot on ZAM forums and FFXI and XIV forums to get information on what's been going on with the development of FFXIV 2.0. Everything looks like it's rolling in a positive direction. I've always mainly played FFXI, but then I quit a few years back due to personal issues and I only returned a few days ago to FFXI. While I still loved the atmosphere, I did not want to start from scratch again. And so, I bought a copy of FFXIV and am willing to pick it up and dedicate the time I have to it. I was just hoping someone could help bring to light a few questions I have about starting off...

First - What server should I look to join? I do not have any IRL friends that play, I guess I'd mainly be looking for a server for US Pacific Time zone. Any suggestions for a new player?

Second - Any Linkshells out there looking to recruit members?

If this game is even anything like FFXI, I think I will be satisfied. I never played it when it first came out (although I really wanted to get it), I guess I was sorta "fortunate" since its release kinda crashed hard core. I really do not know what to expect... I am really just looking forward to the 2.0 release. Anyways, thanks for listening. =)

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Dunno i joined Balmug(Sp) server this morning, seems normal, lots of **** talking on say, nobody shouting except for groups in the mid 30's.

About linkshells, you should ask in the main forums, most people here dont talk much, or dont play, tho majority does, but they dont post every day.
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Thanks for the advice
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