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Hello! A few (stupid?) questions :)Follow

#1 Jun 13 2012 at 3:37 PM Rating: Good
Hey everyone!

I used to play FFXI from 2004-2010 and haven't logged into this forum since 2010. I tried FFXIV for like a month in 2010 after I quit FFXI and didn't like it. So I haven't played anything since.

Then I got the "return free" for 10 days and I tried it and got into it a bit and signed up for Legacy status....

So... I just have a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to indulge me...

1. Is there a place on the official website where it gives accurate server status?

2. I created my official forum account - with log in name, etc. - but every time I log in it tells me I have to pick a main character. It instructs me to choose my main character "below". I only have ONE character! So I try to "select" it and "save" but it never seems to work. So, I can view the forums while not logged in, but not I can't view them while logged in, and obviously cannot post. Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

3. How do you guys make those really cool signatures which pull info on your character (like TwiddleDee and swisa)?

4. I'm on Sargatanas server and if anyone has a friendly linkshell, I'd be interested. :) I have been playing for about a month again and I have literally talked to NO one in game lol. I just go about my levequests and sidequests and such. It has been fun!

Thanks for any help!
#2 Jun 13 2012 at 5:18 PM Rating: Good
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Hello Kreacher, welcome back to ffxiv!

1. What do you mean by status? Status as in server being up or down or status as in still being able to create new characters or world population? In general, unless there is scheduled maintenance, the servers will always be up. During maintenance, the servers will be down and it is pretty obvious since it will not let you make it to the character select screen. When it comes up to world population, I'm not sure of a place to look and see those types of stats.

2. I honestly have no idea at the moment. I remember setting it up as well and I would try to log in using my account, but alas, maintenance is keeping me from logging in and trying this out. Personally, I never post in the official forums and during the rare occasions I do visit the official forums, I always browse while not logged in. It's just never been something I've been interested in. I will answer the official player polls and read links from zam about new updates and stuff, but that's pretty much it. I will mention that if you are still within your 10 days of free trial from the welcome back campaign, I know those players can't login and post on the official forums. Perhaps that's the issue you are running into?

3. First of all thank you for saying my signature is cool. This thing you'll want to do is make sure you are logged in. To make one of these, look above the line where is says "LEVE RESET IN" and you should see the "HOME" tab. Click the home tab and click signature generater. You then just fill in your character name, server, LS name, and finally choose your background color. When you've completed this, click the generate button and it'll show you a picture of what it will look like. To add your signature to your posts, click "add to my zam forum signature" and it'll appear in your posts from here on out.

An extra thing that I've done with my signature is turn my signature into a link to my lodestone character profile. I forget who figured out how to do this, but they posted it a LONG time ago around the time when the game was first released. To do this, you'll want to go into your profile and view your profile settings. There you should see a box with your zam signature code. You'll want to make your line look similar to mine only with your signature information and the url to your characters lodestone profile.

Basically, put [link=(your lodestone character url here)](your zam character signature here)[/link]

Replace (your with your url and then the (your with your zam generated signature and hopefully it will work.

4. I can't really help with this. I'm on a different server.
#3 Jun 13 2012 at 6:30 PM Rating: Good
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2. Be sure to click the small box next to your character. I believe it is to the left of it. It should put a check mark in the box. Then save.

3. I've used many however is my favorite.

4. I'm not on your server however Gungnir is a happening place with people shouting and whatnot. Reminds me of ffxi days. If you shout for a social shell I'm sure someone will offer you one.

Have fun on your journey!

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#4 Jun 13 2012 at 8:07 PM Rating: Good
Oh thanks so much for your replies!

By "server status" I did mean like they have on the XI site: They don't seem to have that at the XIV site.

I can't login the official site now but I don't recall seeing a little box of any kind (to choose my main character) - I am hoping it will appear when their servers are back up!

I am loving this xivpads site, they've got a bit of everything. Thanks swisa for the detailed instructions of how to create the signature. I didn't realize it was right here on this site! Off to give that a try now~
#5 Jun 13 2012 at 8:14 PM Rating: Good
Well this is weird, when I go to the signature generator in the upper left, the drop down menu of choices of servers are all the old servers. So of course, it doesn't find my character on xxx server. How did you guys find the correct drop down list? o.O
#6 Jun 14 2012 at 3:45 PM Rating: Good
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The server in my signature updated on its own. I haven't touched it since probably a year ago and the server that showed up changed from mysidia to gungnir all on its own. This might be a question for the zam staff.
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