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#1 Jun 17 2012 at 5:38 PM Rating: Good
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I just started playing yesterday and got all my War/Magic classes to 10. I noticed that I have 5 points to allocate and before I do it I wanted to ask a couple questions.

1) Are these 5 points I got at level 10 unique to the class I'm currently on? For example, if I'm playing a magic class and add Intelligence, can I switch to say Archer and have a different 5 points to add to other stats, not getting the INT points I added from the other class? Or are these points shared among all classes and I need to decide what I'm going to play and what I need the most?

2) Can I reset the points and redistribute them as I see fit? If so, are there any limitations or costs to doing this?

3) I played FF14 for a very short time at launch, and recall that each attribute point really didn't have any kind of major impact on anything. Seeing as how things have been overhauled, do these attribute points have more of an impact now?

4) How often do I get points to allocate?

That's all I've got for now, thanks for any info.

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1. Yes they are unique. Each class has its own set of attribute point allotments based on its level (you get more points when you level up more too).

2. You can, however reset consume a Hymn item that is a reward from completing lvl 50 job quest. There are 7 jobs, hence 7 lvl 50 job quests, hence you only get 7 of them for now. There is plan in the future to get more from other contents, but looks like that would be a 2.0 which is still a long time from now so be careful with your allotment.

3. Yes they do have a lot of impact. However it also largely depends on what's your weapon is like. For instance what people have tested show that a weapon DPS dictate what's the cap for bonus damage from attribute would be. Example, a 36.00 DPS weapon will have cap say 320 STR 320 PIE while 40.00 DPS weapon will have a cap of 380 STR 380 PIE. The effect can be quite huge if played properly, for example an average Black Mage crit Thundaga on Coincounter (mini-boss in Aurum Vale) around 1,300 dmg while a very stacked up person can crit 2,000+ dmg easily.

4. I don't remember exactly, but should be after lvl 10 its 1 point per 1 lvl. In the end you get 45 points at lvl 50.

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Thanks for asking this question OP, was just thinking to ask the same thing.
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I recieved one of the Hymn books when I started the dragoon quest.Maybe because my base jobs are 50 they gave it to me for starting the quest. I have no plans to complete the last two parts of the of the job quest unless i can solo it.

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Well then I remember it wrong, probably you get it along with the Job Stone.

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