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Macro system is going to be simplified (2012/07/06)Follow

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An interesting post by the Japanese Mod Mocchi: The construction of macros will be greatly simplified in 2.0.
First, they will provide templates for often used macros, with the final goal being a helper function that allows
for an easy and comfortable construction. Although not explicitly mentioned by the Mod, his reply to a previous
poster indirectly implies something like drag+drop compatible macro elements (like [use] [ability name] [target],
a modular system as in FF XII). Looks like it's 2012 after all.


Japanese original:

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Whats a Makro? :P

All joking aside, I am really glad to hear this as the old FFXI style macro creation is pretty lame by today's standards... and up until this FFXIV hasn't really pushed past the old model. I am glad I haven't been playing long enough to get super jaded at the game... I am actually excited to see what happens with v2.0 and can patiently await some further news.
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Grandlethal wrote:
Whats a Makro? :P
Nothin'! What'sa makro with you?
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Whoa! Rated down for providing additional info with a spelling mistake.
I think I'll return to heckling ^.-/
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Anyone have info on FF14 macro saving?

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