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Completely noobish of me, but I want to know...Follow

#1 Jul 13 2012 at 12:52 AM Rating: Default
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I have played MMORPGS before and enjoyed them, but I wanted to know, when can I leave the starter area? I'm currently in Ul'dah and a level 7 archer, level 5 TMG, Level 1 PGL, level 1 Conjurer, level 6 Alchemist and level 5 Leatherwork. Also, what level do you think is wise to leave at? I don't want to be running like an idiot from monsters because I was too low leveled... I had that happened to me before... not pretty... even in WoW.

Also, out of topic, what do you think this game has different from other MMORPGS? I used to play WoW, but I got bored after being there at level 20 and left. Idk why, but this game is really capturing me... I can't really point it out. :3

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If you're soloing, let the leves dictate where to go, for example, Camp Drybone in Ul'dah is good starting at level 10 (a bit earlier depending on your setup) and so on and so forth, when you pick up leves at the counter they will be sectioned by level tiers.

In groups, this tool can help you find bundles of mobs for some good xp chaining:

Mobs also display their level so you shouldn't really ever have any issues gauging their strength.

As for the other question I think it's best to wait until 2.0 is out to form any solid opinions on the direction of the game since things are constantly changing.
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