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I decided to dust off my character and start playing a bit again, mainly to pass the time. I've basically run into a wall on finding gear. The Wards seem to be full of nothing but crafting mats or million+ gil materia items. I've tried the 'Search' feature, but unless you know what you are looking for by name, that's pretty useless. I've looked at a couple of websites to try to narrow down some searches. The wiki here and others pretty much show all Dated gear, which I thought you couldn't craft anymore. Plus, it seems the hardest part is actually narrowing down anything that's useful; i.e. gathering/crafting stats not going to do my PUG much good.

Any ideas or sites with updated databases?

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Another viable alternative to Moogle...

Esuna Forums

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Both of the above posts are excellent sources. I use them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the only person who really kept up with this database no longer does so since the game changes so often. He may choose to start again when 2.0 starts back up.
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