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Legacy billing [Need help on billing error]Follow

#1 Jul 24 2012 at 3:00 AM Rating: Decent
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So i chose the 3 month billing cycle via crysta on the month of june thinking i would be billed 3 months on this month and obtain legacy and be able to play for the remaining months on FFXIV. But suddenly i got an email saying that the billing has incurred an error and yeah im stuck not being able to play as im not sure what to do.

I tried contacting support but i think im talking to a robot spitting out C&P's based on keywords i say (It feels like i got the same reply twice ).

Am i on the wrong idea of how things work or something? (Like did i misread the T&C's for getting legacy)

What should i do?

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keima0kun wrote:
Am i on the wrong idea of how things work or something? (Like did i misread the T&C's for getting legacy)

In order to fulfill the requirements for the Legacy Campaign, a player must register his/her copy of the game no later than Thursday, May 31, 2012, and have subscribed for a minimum of 90 days beyond the conclusion of your free trial period.

About the only thing you can do is sign up for month to month service and hope the beta is delayed. It's possible that if you end up paying for 3 months of service you'll get added to legacy, but not a guarantee. Actually, knowing SE's billing practices, I'd say it's highly improbable.

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I see i didnt know about the may 31st bit. Thanks for clearing that up.

A bit darned though since i had the option given to me to bill 90 days :C
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I had the same thing happen (basically). I got the notice about legacy and knew that I'd be playing for the remainder of 1.x (Started early May), so I changed the sub on my credit card to 3 months. Got a confirmation email saying that I was to be billed the 3 months at the start of the next billing cycle to the amount of $29.97. I went to log in after the next billing period and it had cancelled my sub (had no active characters to log in), and had to go back and renew billing. I am really hoping that doesn't ***** up any chance I have to get legacy, but I guess I'll see in a month or so (May was free, paid June and July so far).
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