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My friend is interested in playing XIV however doesn't have a pc to play it on at the moment. He suggested that we play on my and hook each graphic card to two monitors. I saw a thread that people use two accounts like this. However, is it possible to have two different account and have a controller for each one instead of the same one running both since we would both be playing at the same time. It is probably not possible but I figured I would ask in case anyone had any information. Thank you.
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You're better off waiting for the PS3 version or buying a sub 1K laptop with an acceptble GPU, the hassle of dual boxing AND having a keyboard/mouse combo for each screen... not ideal. If you were room mates or something, then it'd be possibly worth the attempt... but as friends not living together... doesn't sound like a good idea.

*EDIT* On second thought, after seing your other post, NO. If you bought a cheaper prebuilt PC you don't have the CPU/GPU/RAM/ Hard Drive combo to run two copies in parrallel.
Hello, I have been looking into joining the XIV community. I am looking for a relatively inexpensive pc that I could run the game on. I know that V.2.0 will change that but looking to get started soon. I am hoping to spend around 600-800 bucks if possible as all I need is a tower since I have an extra monitor and mouse/keyboard. I was wondering if anyone would help me as I do not know a whole lot about computers and looking for one that has specs that could run it at a standard level if possible. If unable to I guess I will be waiting until V. 2.0 Thank you for any help you can give me.

Edit: I just wanted to say I looked through the articles and such but everything that is link is outdated or deactivated to buy.

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