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The Last Word – Atomos Identified (09/05/2012)Follow

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See the article here.

Kipih Jakkya here, bright-eyed and sharp-eared, bringing you a report on the continued assaults on aetheryte camps by the mysterious floating monster now known as Atomos.

The name, which roughly translates to “The Indivisible” in the Eorzean tongue, comes from an ancient Hyur myth of an entity with the power to breach the borders between worlds.

As attacks continue to occur, it has become clear that this Atomos is the source of the voidsent and is summoning swarms of the monsters from another world. Once scholars compared the creature to the Atomos of legend, the name spread like wildfire.

Inexplicably, the Grand Companies of Eorzea have yet to respond to this grave situation. Rumors tell of troops massing in secret to confront another threat, but this reporter wonders what enemy could be so great as to warrant ignoring this crisis.

For the time being, it seems we must rely on courageous souls to protect us from Atomos and its voidsent minions. Already there are tales of adventurers battling the beasts as they seek ways to banish them for good. Whoever you are, know that all of Eorzea is praying for your success!

Until Atomos is driven from our lands, I urge one and all to continue practicing caution when visiting aetheryte camps. As for myself, I shall continue my investigations and bring our dear readers new information as it becomes available.

Till next time, may the Twelve keep you safe during your travels.

Kipih Jakkya

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After I read this I was wondering if anyone has defeated Atomos yet? It kind of sounded like SE was encouraging adventurers’ to try. If someone has defeated him do we know if there were any rewards or drops? A full party can handle the voidsent but it might require 2 or more parties to defeat Atomos. I’m looking for successful posted strategies.

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I haven't been able to fight him yet. I am assuming, if it is possible, that would mean you would need to kill all the mobs before the time is up... But nobody wants to do more than kill a few mobs to complete the quest and maybe get a crystal.
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rfolkker wrote:
But nobody wants to do more than kill a few mobs to complete the quest and maybe get a crystal.

Working together toward a common goal in massively multiplayer contexts is so 2005. Smiley: rolleyes
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