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#1 Sep 19 2012 at 12:26 AM Rating: Good
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and it's about **** time, i have faith in the game now that I've been thoroughly pwned and had fun fighting van darnus in "too kill a raven."
for the first time I am genuinely concerned about my lack of skill and gear as a casual player. I am PLD and boy does it take a lot of coordination to get enough mages to do this quest. Am I twisted? or is this what this game needs more of?

Anyone that wants to organize getting this done on durandal, let me know. I want to see the end. How should I be a better PLD during this fight? I bought menacing potions, got full af, a +18 enmity sword. I've heard PLD af blows, but I can't afford much better. I don't lose hate much during this fight, but if I do for a second, van teleports , beams, and rocks the **** out of my juicy clustered mages, we wipe and it's allllll my fault. Though, I've tanked him fine on a few runs up to second phase when he teleports to the top. Besides it's high time filth barrages me for another drunk post.

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Tanking Van Darnus is an exercise in pattern recognition more than hate or damage control. Holding hate is vitally important, but generally it doesn't take all that much, as long as everyone is doing their part. Similarly, a good WHM or two can easily keep a PLD alive as long as you are doing your job, which in this case is standing in the right places and avoiding the right attacks.

I've won this a few times (all on DRG admittedly, though I did try it on PLD twice) and it seems to always come down to how "with it" your group is. I've gone with groups that won it on their 25th try, and groups that won it on their second. This very much isn't a "one person screwed up and we lost" sort of fight. It gives you room for error, but everyone needs to be on the same page.

There are plenty of comprehensive guides out there and I'm at work at the moment, so I won't go into detail unless you ask for it. Generally speaking though, pull him all the way to one side, and when he teleports, wait until he reappears fully, then run off to left (assuming your mages are to the right). That should be enough to keep him from hitting either of you. Once he starts doing the donut AoE, make sure to stand with your back against the wall and don't move even if he teleports to your mages. If you provoke (or flash, or any other hate grab), he'll run back to you before doing his big AoE again, again sparing your mages.

As to your other comment, I agree, the 7th Umbral fights in general have been pretty spectacular, with To Kill a Raven being easily one of the most enjoyable.
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