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FFXIV Roleplay: Reborn!Follow

#1 Oct 18 2012 at 6:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello everyone, today it is my pleasure to unveil Final Fantasy XIV Roleplayers, or as I like to call it: FFXIV Roleplay: Reborn.

The purpose of Final Fantasy XIV Roleplayers is to offer roleplayers in FFXIV whether new, returning, or already here, the opportunity for a fresh start. With the inevitable influx of players taking a look at A Realm Reborn, we want to create a space for roleplayers of any style to gather, get to know one another, and discuss relevant topics in a neutral environment.

More than that, we want to offer the roleplaying community a fresh start as well. The previous two years have had their ups and downs for roleplayers, and not everything has been rainbows and sunshine. We feel that as part of revitalizing the roleplaying community, we should cast off the weight of the past. While we have no intention of replacing those who came before us, we hope to co-exist alongside them with an environment and style all our own.

So what can you expect from


Regular Feature Articles

Columns, featurettes, and news relevant to roleplayers will grace our front page on a regular basis. As time goes on, we'll be increasing our staff to increase the rate of articles so our users always have something new to read. Our ultimate goal is to provide in-character coverage of events and important milestones within the game. If you're a capable writer with a bit of spare time, we encourage you to apply as a journalist!

A Meeting Place

Linkshells and Free Companies with roleplaying in mind are encouraged to advertise on our listings forums, where potential new members will be able to find the group that's right for them. An event calendar is free to be utilized by any user, allowing them to post their events right to the sidebar module at any time for maximum exposure. If that's not enough, the Adventurers' Guild forum offers everyone the opportunity to pitch new free company and linkshell ideas, search for people interested in creating joint backstories, or just find a new roleplaying partner.

A Repository of Creativity

With forums for active roleplay, character stories and journals, art and videos, and a fully-featured user-friendly wiki coming (very!) soon, FFXIV-RP offers you a place to share your creativity with the entire community. We'll even be highlighting popular works on our front page!

Unbiased Moderation

FFXIV-RP is a place for all roleplayers in Final Fantasy XIV, and we plan to facilitate this without personal bias. Our rules don't exist to further a personal agenda, or to dictate how any individual should roleplay. All we ask is that you conduct yourself with cordiality and respect. All opinions are welcome, when presented in a civil manner!


Ultimately we want to provide roleplayers in FFXIV with the strongest platform possible on which to build their future, but we need your support to do it! Whether you're a casual roleplayer or into full-time immersion, regardless of server, and even if you don't actively roleplay but love to talk about the lore, you're welcome to stop by, sign up, and introduce yourself. We expect our community to grow in the months leading up to launch, and hope that anyone interested in the roleplaying facets of Final Fantasy XIV will be a part of it!
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im not a big RPer, but i definitely appreciate more RPG in my MMORPG, and i think its great that there are people supporting this. Im pretty sure the "RP community" is bigger than most people would think. i say to thee, Kudos! Many kudos.

#3 Oct 29 2012 at 6:02 AM Rating: Default
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Thanks for your words of support, Llester! We've been growing steadily over the last week, and we'll continue to gain steam as we press on into the future. :D

We're celebrating the final save this week with a special 'Final Countdown' edition of our Inquiring Minds (formerly Moogle Madness) series, which asks our users questions pertaining to their characters and their roleplay in the game. We'll be posting a new article every day this week, with each question themed around the fall of Dalamud.

Feel free to join in and participate in the discussion!
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Happy end-of-the-world, everyone! Smiley: grin Now that the servers are down and storylines are (mostly) concluded, we'll be doubly focusing on the growth of FFXIV-RP. As of yesterday afternoon, we've finally unveiled our wiki where users can add character profiles, linkshell or free company pages, and more with an easy-to-use article generator.

We'd also like to highlight this thread, where our users are beginning to share their characters' last moments before the events of the End of an Era trailer. We welcome role-players across the board to participate!
#5 Nov 12 2012 at 7:21 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm interested in this, but I'm not really sure what your intention is. I assume its to gather a Linkshell of RPers onto one server, right? Anyway, I'd like to check this out. I'm intrigued.
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