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#1 Oct 27 2012 at 8:32 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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so being long time XI player, quit long time ago, i picked up 14 from a contest i won via steelseries. I played the game and despite the flaws people cried about I found it quite enjoyable ( although this was back when the combat was insane and you would rest after every fight =_= ). I stopped after about 3 weeks awhile ago but i recently found a digital copy laying around somewhere so I downloaded it. To my surprise the new version is coming out which brings me to this problem.. I need an MMO to play.. I bought Eve only few days ago but that games learning curve is insane and I'm not into sci fi that much so the problem is I wanna play FF14 even for the little time it has left.

Is it even worth me coming on to my mid level character and playing for the last 2-3 weeks before it ends? I understand they are saving character data... does this mean things like Gil and items get saved as well or those are being wiped ( which I would think wouldnt happen if they are saving high level characters who sorta need those items ). I wouldn't mind hopping on and just saving up some money and having a few weeks of fun before it ends but I wanted to see if you guys think its even worth doing.

Otherwise I'll probably go on Eve until the new version is released ( which I will be deff playing full time ).

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At this point, you have until Nov 1 to unlock titles and such, and after that any gameplay will not be rolled over into the new version.

I'm not even sure you can reactivate for just the last couple of weeks. Even if you could, unless you have no job and 16 hours a day free time, I'm not sure it would be worth it.
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#3Crimsonreign, Posted: Oct 27 2012 at 8:48 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) aight thanks bud is gil and items being saved over to new one?
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Have you been paying for your account since you left? The thing is, they have turned off the ability for people to re-activate their accounts on their website. This is to prepare for the impending server shut down in 4 days. If you never de-activated your account before you stopped playing and you've been paying non-stop since then you should still be able to log in, but if you de-activated your account in any way after you left and you're looking to re-activate it for 4 days it simply isn't possible anymore until 2.0.

EDIT: Everything about your character will be saved and taken over to 2.0 as of the save on october 31. Any progress from oct 31 to nov 11 will no be carried over. They are, however, making many changes and the biggest one every character will notice is that they are cutting everybodies gil by 90%. This is to help make the economy less stressful for new players and they are cutting NPC prices by 90%. You can go to the lodestone and look up more information about the changes they will be making when 2.0 rolls around.

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